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Pino Donaggio
Soundtrack CDs featuring music by Pino Donaggio (sort list by letter or year)
La Buca soundtrack (2014)
Passion soundtrack (2013)
Patrick soundtrack (2013)
Do You Like Hitchcock? (TV) soundtrack (2005)
Seed of Chucky soundtrack (2004)
Up at the Villa soundtrack (2000)
Never Talk to Strangers soundtrack (1995)
Raising Cain soundtrack (1992)
Meridian soundtrack (1990)
The Barbarians soundtrack (1987)
Crawlspace soundtrack (1986)
Deja vu soundtrack (1985)
Ordeal By Innocence soundtrack (1985)
The Berlin Affair soundtrack (1984)
Body Double soundtrack (1984)
Hercules soundtrack (1983)
Blow Out soundtrack (1981)
Blow Out (expanded) soundtrack (1981)
Home Movies soundtrack (1981)
The Howling soundtrack (1981)
Dressed to Kill soundtrack (1980)
Dressed to Kill (expanded) soundtrack (1980)
Piranha soundtrack (1979)
Carrie soundtrack (1976)
Carrie (Encore Edition) soundtrack (1976)
Carrie (expanded) soundtrack (1976)
Carrie soundtrack (1976)
Brian de Palma * Pino Donaggio
Music from the Cinema Volume 2
Omaggio a Donaggio
Symphonic Suites
Pino Donaggio also appears on these soundtrack CDs
Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof soundtrack (2007)
Film Noir!
Ultra Noir