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Chicken Little soundtrack

Chicken Little (2005)
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Format: CD
UPC: 05008613727
Label: Disney
Label number: 61372
Running time: 39m18s
Shipping date: November 1st, 2005
Original score by John Debney
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Album Tracklist
1.  Stir It Up - Patti LaBelle / Joss Stone
2.  One Little Slip - Barenaked Ladies
3.  Shake a Tail Feather - The Cheetah Girls
4.  All I Know - Five For Fighting
5.  Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Diana Ross
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Music from the movie not on this soundtrack CD
Dragostea Din Tei - The O Zone (also known as Numa Numa) 

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Additional soundtrack info
John Debney at the Chicken Little premier.

Press Quotes
"Composer John Debney's bouncy score is supplemented Shrek-style by a mix of vintage pop (Five for Fighting covering Art Garfunkel's "All I Know") and originals (Barenaked Ladies' spirited "One Little Slip")".
Michael Rechtshaffen, The Hollywood Reporter

"Although the two original songs featuring Joss Stone and Barenaked Ladies are excuses for a potty break, there's a running joke involving older music that will keep parents and grandparents from falling asleep -- with R.E.M. and Gloria Gaynor songs making particularly appropriate appearances in the final act."
Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle

"When you add music that has all the charm of a blow from a sledgehammer, you have a less-than-happy filmgoing experience."
James Verniere, Boston Herald

"...and to further shove the sentiment down our throats, the movie grinds to a halt for a musical montage featuring a nauseating, syrup-drenched ballad."
John Serba, The Grand Rapids Press

Soundtrack Q & A
Q: What is the name of the song the chicken dances to? (from BAMBAN in london)
A: Numa Numa Dance (thanks to shah, malaysiaadd more info
A: I think its called "Numa Numa." It's a great song. Funny and I loved it.... both the french and english versions. (thanks to kshorta, americaadd more info
A: ...By O Zone. A.k.a. "Ma-Ya-Hi" a.k.a. "Dragostea Din Tei." (thanks to Anthony, N. Chicago, ILadd more info

Q: Who sings the original Numa Numa Dance? (from cat in earth)
A: O-Zone (thanks to snowy, helensburgh,nsw,australiaadd more info

Q: What is the name of the song playing when the Mayor Turkey Lurkey is in the bubble bath? (when Chicken Little is ringing the alarm bell for the 2nd time) (from Lisa Nance in Lake Worth, Florida USA)
A: The song is "Viens Malika" from L'Opéra Lakme. (thanks to Jaymi, new yorkadd more info

Q: What is the name of the song playing when the Mayor Turkey Lurkey is in the tub? (from qz king in toronto)
A: "Lakme - Viens malika" by Leo Delibes (thanks to Smoke, PHX, AZ, USAadd more info
A: "The Flower Duet" by Leo Delibes is the EXACT ANSWER! There is also another by Lakme but LEO DELIBES is the one that plays in the movie. It's my favorite. (thanks to Smoke, PHX, AZ, USAadd more info

Q: What's is the song called when the aliens attack? The line is "'s the end of the world..." (from pedro in brasil)
A: It's Track 6 , "It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" (thanks to Keith Rhodes, Rockville,MD,USA add more info

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