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Edge of Darkness soundtrack
Edge of Darkness
Music by Howard Shore

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Project philosophy
Have fun! Enjoy endless clicking between thousands and thousands of songs and artists. Make your own discoveries, like whose name appears most on soundtrack CDs... Louis Armstrong? Is Sweet Home Alabama the most prolific song? Browse around and you'll learn that hard to find CDs can be expensive ($625 for The Omega Man soundtrack auctioned on eBay a few years ago). We want information organized well, presented clearly and accurately. Everyone's contributions make this happen.
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Here's a small sample of recently added questions, answers and other soundtrack related contributions from participants like you:

The Skulls (2000) answer: "Taste" by Lorna Vallings
The Bone Collector (1999) answer: Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush
Because I Said So (score) (2007) question: What is the song playing at their parents wedding?
Bad Company (2002) answer: It's Bach's Concerto for Two Violins
Zoey 101 (TV) Music Mix (2005) question: what is the song that is played in Zoey 101...the lyrics go like "...For you I'd cry for... For you I'd die for..."?
Blue Crush (2002) question: What is the song playing when they ask Matt how much he willing to pay for surf lessons when they are driving in the car, and the girls are driving on the wrong side of the road?
Bandits (2001) question: What's the instrumental guitar and violin song heard in the final heist at the end of the movie? It sounds like Mark Knopfler.
Splash (1984) question: I'm dying to know the song & artist in the scene with the funk soul music playing in the street. Some of the lyrics are "...hey girl I love ya, darlin' darlin'..."
2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) question: What is the song that's playing when Brian and Rome first get their new cars? It's not "Oye" by Pitbull.. It has like a Latin beat and then there's a guy saying "Oye mami.." and a girl says "Oye papi.." I have looked EVERYWHERE, please help!
Boomerang (1992) answer: "Bewildered" by James Brown
The Hills (TV) (2007) answer: Vanessa Rose - "Places"
Jerry Maguire (1996) question: The three songs I cannot find in the film though they appear in the songs credit at the end. They are Enuff Z'Nuff's "Bring It on Home", Bad Company's "Burnin' Sky", and Aimee Mann's "Wise Up". In which scene can you hear these?
Cruel Intentions (1999) answer: Music for this movie is written by Edward Shearmur. So it must be his melody...
187 (1997) question: What is the name of the song with the nice drum beat playing when the teacher visits the gangster's house, when the kids are throwing the shoes on the electricity wires?
Training Day (2001) answer: It's actually ROCK Superstar (instrumental), which I'm finding extremely difficult to locate.

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