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Corrina Corrina soundtrack

Corrina Corrina (1994)
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Format: CD
UPC: 88697492632
Label: RCA Victor
Label number: 749263
Running time: not on file
Shipping date: August 2nd, 1994
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Album Tracklist
1.  We Will Find A Way - Oleta Adams / Brenda Russell [4:42]
2.  Corrina, Corrina - Ted Hawkins [3:39]
3.  Little Bitty Pretty One - Thurston Harris [2:23]
4.  They Can't Take That Away From Me - Sarah Vaughan [2:42]
5.  You Go To My Head - Louis Armstrong / Oscar Peterson [6:24]
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q: What is the name of the piano duet played by Ray Liotta and Whoopi? I have been trying to figure this out for sooooooooo long, please help!!! (from robin in chicago)
A: Online sources say Bill Evans "Peace piece"... still researching it myself. (thanks to N, Nadd more info
A: I think it's "Some Other Time" by Bill Evans... which sounds a lot like Peace Piece. (thanks to mimi, usaadd more info

Q: What are the words to the Jell-o Pudding Jingle? (from Inge in Canada)
A: "who says you couldn't have instant puddin'" from J-E-L-L-O (thanks to m, WAadd more info
A: "You say you don't have time to cook... Come over here and take a look... It's smooth... it's cool... it breaks the rules! Chocolate, cherry, sweet strawberry! Who says you couldn't, have instant puddin' ... J-E-L-L-O!" (thanks to Manny, Floridaadd more info

Q: What is the little piano ditty? It's the one Molly's mom teaches her. (from LINDSAY in NH)
A: Good King Wenceslas (thanks to nicholas, OHadd more info

Q: What is the name of the classical song playing when Corrina first sits down to dinner with the family after Molly persistently puts her plate on the table for her to join her and her father? (from Darlene Harris in Newark, NJ)
A: I think it's Erik Satie, the french composer, with Gymnopedie... (thanks to Cam, Franceadd more info

Q: I've been searching for music sheets for "The Good King Wenceslas" and I found some but none are the same version that is heard in the movie, and I love the one in the movie. Where can I find it?
...from Cam in Frnce (answer Cam's question)

Q: What is that song called where Corrina and Molly are cleaning that rich lady's messy house? I REALLY want to know that song.  (from Sheree in OR)
A: Pennies from Heaven. "When it rains, it rains ....." (thanks to Suzette02822, Exeter, RIadd more info

Q: What is the song in the duet played after "Good King Wenceslas"?
...from Ahlana in CA (answer Ahlana's question)

Q: Where can I get the sheet music for the first title on the soundtrack, "We Will Find a Way"?
...from Ann in L.I.,NY, USA (answer Ann's question)

Q: Who is singing "This Little Light of Mine" at the end when the credits roll? (from Hillary in Clarkston Michigan U.S)
A: The Steeles (as it says on the soundtrack CD listing). (thanks to Captain Obvoadd more info

Q: What is that trumpet solo playing when Corrina steps right off the bus and sees Molly? I've been searching every where.
...from Dawn in Maryland (answer Dawn's question)

Q: What is the classical piece of music playing when the three actors are having dinner? (from Shaun in St.Petersburg,FL USA)
A: It is called "Les Gymnopedies" by Erik Satie. (thanks to Yourstruly, Europeadd more info

Q: What is the name of the romantic song playing when Ray & Whoopi are dancing in the backyard?
...from flojo in Trinidad (answer flojo's question)

Q: What's the last song playing when the credits are rolling? (from tracy in longview tx )
A: "We Will Find a Way" (Oleta Adams & Brenda Russell) (thanks to NanaDukes, Brocktonadd more info

Q: What is the song that Molly and her grandmother are singing, sitting in front of the house, at the end of the movie? (from bichodomato in Portugal)
A: "This Little Light of Mine" (thanks to louie, atlanta,ga 30328add more info

Q: What's the piano song heard when Corrina makes the bed and then the little girl is laying there sad that she can't bring her mother back?
...from sara  in charleston,sc (answer sara 's question)

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