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Dan in Real Life soundtrack

Dan in Real Life (2007)
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Format: CD
UPC: 509995086792
Label: Capitol
Label number: 8679
Running time: not on file
Shipping date: October 2nd, 2007
Original score by Sondre Lerche
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Album Tracklist
1. Family Theme Waltz [0:49]
2. To Be Surprised [4:20]
3. I'll Be OK [3:39]
4. Dan and Marie Picking Hum [0:54]
5. My Hands Are Shaking [3:00]
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q: What's the song we hear in the Bar Scene when Dan was dancing with the Pigface Dr.? (from Linda in San Jose, CA, USA)
A: The song is called "Nasty Girl" by Inaya Day. The song is not on the soundtrack CD. (thanks to Stacey, Scarborough, MEadd more info
A: The song was originally done by an all girl group called "Vanity 6" which was created by Prince, the song "Nasty Girl" was really their one and only hit. The lead singer Vanity (Denise Matthews) actually quit the group to become a born again Christian right before the movie "Purple Rain" came out which was to feature her and her 2 back up singers (Brenda Bennett and Susan Moonsie). With Vanity gone, the group got a new lead singer in Patricia "Apollonia" Kotero and was renamed "Apollonia 6" ("Six" staying the same since it represented the number of breasts in the group). Apollonia had her biggest hit with "Sex Shooter" which was also featured in "Purple Rain".

**Note...Rick James tried to respond to Prince's "all girl" threesome formula by creating "The Mary Jane Girls" (get the duble entendre...:) who ironically had a bigger hit single with "In My House" but never achieved the same noterity as Vanity or Apollonia 6. (thanks to SugarDougy, Wash DCadd more info

Q: What is the song playing in the morning family aerobics outdoor scene? (from Urla Christianson in killington vermont)
A: I am pretty sure it's a remix of "September" from the Commodores. (thanks to Jeanie, The peak of good livingadd more info
A: "September" was originally done by "Earth, Wind and Fire" not the "The Commodores" (who also dominated the R&B charts in the late 70s and early 80s) as a bonus track released on "The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire Vol 1" in 1978.

**Using a "Greatest Hits" package as the platform for launching a new single was a common marketing practice in the 70s and 80s but was also a huge gamble since if the song flopped, it didn't belong on a "Best Of" collection. Ironically, "September" prophetically turned out to be one of EW&F's greatest hits indeed. (thanks to SugarDougy, Wash DCadd more info

A: I believe it's Phats and Small with the remake of EW&F (thanks to Mike, san Diegoadd more info

Q: Who are the musicians playing at Dan and Marie's wedding? (from Lisa in Fairfield, Ohio)
A: Sondre Lerche and The Faces Down (thanks to Sondre Lerche Fan, The Middle Of Nowhereadd more info

Q: What is the song playing at the end of the movie? (from Johnny in Costa Rica)
A: It's either "Dan and Marie Finale Theme" by Sondre Lerche or "Modern Nature" by Sondre Lerche and Regina Spektor. (thanks to J-Willy, Westerville, Ohioadd more info

Q: Is the song on the soundtrack "Let My Love Open the Door" the acoustic version sung by Steve Carroll and Dane Cook as in the movie? or is it the Peter Townsend version? (from Geoff in Louisville, KY)
A: It's not by either of them. It's by Sondre Lerche. You can get the other version off of iTunes or Limewire (thanks to J-Willy, Westerville, Ohioadd more info

Q: What are the guitar tabs for this soundtrack, or where can I get them? Especially "My Hands Are Shaking" (from Tony in Los Angeles)
A: Hey Tony, this might help you. Click here for a list of all of the songs by Sondra Lerche. (thanks to Hilderina, Canadaadd more info

Q: What is the song playing at the end of the movie when Dan and Marie walk down the stairs to the outdoor wedding reception? It's a duet... (from Mary-Kate in Essex, CT)
A: "Modern Nature" - a duet between Sondre Lerche and Lillian Samdal (thanks to Dave, Tennesseeadd more info

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