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The Painted Veil soundtrack

The Painted Veil (2006)
Product detail
Format: CD
UPC: 02894776552
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Label number: 825402
Running time: 54m35s
Shipping date: January 9th, 2007
Original score by Alexandre Desplat
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Album Tracklist
1. The Painted Veil
2.  Gnossienne No 1 - Erik Satie
3. Colony Club
4. River Waltz
5. Kitty's Theme
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Music from the movie not on this soundtrack CD
Le Furet Du Bois Joli - Pierre De Berville

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Additional soundtrack info
Lang Lang, featured pianist on tracks 1-5, 7-10, 12, 14, 16, 19. Vincent Segal, electric cello on tracks 1, 9-10, 12, 15-17, 19. Jeff Boudreaux, Joel Grare, Philippe Macé, percussion. Alexandre Desplat, percussion, flutes, piano, keyboards. Prague Symphony Orchestra.

Won "Best Original Score" at the Golden Globes, January 15, 2007.

Soundtrack Q & A
Q: What is the name of the French song toward the end of the film during the funeral? (from D in CA)
A: It is a traditional French children's song called "A La Claire Fontaine." (thanks to Z, Californiaadd more info
A: This song can be found on the french website, on the CD called "La compil' des petits minous volume 2" (thanks to musicreche, FRANCEadd more info
A: You can also download it. (thanks to noni, South Carolinaadd more info
A: Search for "A La Claire Fontaine" and download the version with the artist listed as Les Petits Minous. I just played this on my computer while the dvd was playing the song, and they are identical, except that the movie repeats the first two verses at the end to fit the time they needed. (thanks to Rachel, Liberty Lake, WAadd more info

Q: What song is playing on the official movie trailer for this movie? (from Laura in Utah)
A: "Spectres In The Fog" by Hans Zimmer, from the Last Samurai soundtrack. (thanks to Taylor, Niagara Falls, NY, United Statesadd more info
A: "A la Claire Fontaine" (thanks to mec, Polandadd more info

Q: Who sings "A La Claire Fontaine," the french song in the movie? (from painter in ID)
A: The Choir of the Beijing Takah sings it in this film. (thanks to MattyD, Plainville, CTadd more info
A: It was sung by Shang Wen-jie, the winner of last year's "Super Voice Girl" singing contest in China. She just graduated from the Shanghai-based Fudan University as a French major. (thanks to josh, Shanghai, Chinaadd more info
A: You can listen to the song here (thanks to Will Medeiros, São Paulo, São Paulo, Braziladd more info
A: The Choir of Beijing Takah with chinese female vocalist Shang Wen Jie (thanks to Lanooz, Warsaw, Polandadd more info
A: You can purchase the version sung by Shang Wen-jie on iTunes, under Shang Laure, "A La Claire Fontaine". (thanks to Erica, Manhattan, KSadd more info
A: During the funeral, "A La Claire Fontaine" is sung by Nicole Porebski and Lila Descamps (French singers). (thanks to Coline, Paris, Franceadd more info

Q: Is the recording of "A La Claire Fontaine" sung by the Choir of the Beijing Takah commercially available for purchase? It's not on the sound track of the film. (from Munir in Oregon, USA)
A: A recording can be found from the Chinese search engine,, since the song was sung by Shang Wenjie, the winner of the Chinese singing talent show "'06 Super Female Vocalist" and who recently graduated as a major in French. The song is called "A La Claire Fontaine" and is sung by Shang Wenjie. (thanks to Iris, Beijingadd more info
A: I re-watched this movie and during the end credits the vocals are actually sung by N. Porebski / L. Descamps and piano by Roger Pouly. (thanks to Ainslie, USAadd more info

Q: Apparently, nearly everyone had the same question that I did: the name of the song sung by the French children's choir at the end of the movie. Now, can anyone tell me where to get it? Would it be on a CD of French folk songs? All help much appreciated. (from RG in New York City)
A: Here are the lyrics of that Quebec folk song:
À la claire fontaine, m'en allant promener,
J'ai trouvé l'eau si belle que je m'y suis baigné.
Il y a lontemps que je t'aime, jamais je ne t'oublierai.
Sous les feuilles d'un chêne, je me suis fait sécher.
Il y a lontemps que je t'aime, jamais je ne t'oublierai.
Sur la plus haute branche, un rossignol chantait.
Il y a lontemps que je t'aime, jamais je ne t'oublierai.
Chante, rossignol, chante, toi qui as le coeur gai;
Tu as le coeur à rire, moi je l'ai à pleurer.
Il y a lontemps que je t'aime, jamais je ne t'oublierai.
J'ai perdu mon ami sans l'avoir mérité.
Pour un bouquet de roses que je lui refusai.
Il y a lontemps que je t'aime, jamais je ne t'oublierai.
Je voudrais que la rose fût encore au rosier,
Et que mon douce ami fût encore à m'aimer
(thanks to Sansel, Istanbul,TRadd more info
By the clear running fountain
I strayed one summer day.
The water looked so cooling
I bathed without delay. 


Many long years have I loved you,
Ever in my heart you'll stay. 

Beneath an oak tree shady
I dried myself that day
When from the topmost branch
A bird's song came my way. 

Sing, nightingale, keep singing,
Your heart is always gay.
You have no cares to grieve you,
While I could weep today. 

You have no cares to grieve you,
While I could weep today,
For I have lost my loved one
In such a senseless way. 

She wanted some red roses
But I did rudely say
She could not have the roses
That I had picked that day. 

Now I wish those red roses
Were on their bush today,
While I and my beloved
Still went our old sweet way. 
(thanks to teresa, istanbuladd more info

Q: I also really enjoyed "A La Claire Fontaine". I checked as best I could on the Chinese search engine and I could find no mention of this recording being for sale anywhere. Please help?! (from Joelle in Tucson, Arizona, USA)
A: It took some digging, but here it is. Really beautiful play. The accompanying piano is a bit unusual relative to the standard "Claire Fontaine" that is sung in France. If anyone comes up with a transcription... (thanks to Roberto Casati, Paris, Franceadd more info
A: Just a quick one to say thank you so much for posting that recording, it is such a beautiful song and at such a sad point in the film (I'm almost welling up hearing it again!). (thanks to paddleboy, londonadd more info
A: I, too, was moved by the movie version of "A La Claire Fontaine." Here is the actual film recording (thanks to ks, Atlanta, GAadd more info
A: I finally found the exact version of the song in movie: it's on a double CD with songs for children in french. It's called "La Compil' des petits minous" (Volume 2). Excellent version of the song, isn't it? (thanks to Paris, Copenhagenadd more info
À la claire fontaine
At the Clear Fountain
Chanson enfantine

À la claire fontaine,
M'en allant promener
J'ai trouvé l'eau si belle
Que je m'y suis baigné

Refrain :
Il y a longtemps que je t'aime
Jamais je ne t'oublierai

Sous les feuilles d'un chêne,
Je me suis fait sécher
Sur la plus haute branche,
Un rossignol chantait


Chante rossignol, chante,
Toi qui as le c?ur gai
Tu as le c?ur à rire,
Moi je l'ai à pleurer


J'ai perdu mon amie,
Sans l'avoir mérité
Pour un bouquet de roses,
Que je lui refusais


Je voudrais que la rose,
Fût encore au rosier
Et que ma douce amie
Fût encore à m'aimer
(autre version:
Et que le rosier même
À la mer fût jeté.)

Children's Song

At the clear fountain,
While I was strolling by,
I found the water so nice
That I went in to bathe.

So long I've been loving you,
I will never forget you.

Under an oak tree,
I dried myself.
On the highest branch,
A nightingale was singing.


Sing, nightingale, sing,
Your heart is so happy.
Your heart feels like laughing,
Mine feels like weeping.


I lost my beloved,
Without deserving it,
For a bunch of roses,
That I denied her.


I wanted the rose
To be still on the bush,
And my sweet beloved
To be still loving me. 
(other version:
And even the rosebush
To be thrown in the sea.)

(thanks to louise, dublinadd more info
A: Actually I ordered the double CD set you mentioned (La compil' des petits minous) -- had to get it from FNAC the French department store. And it doesn't have the song. It would seem there's a Volume 2. And it's that one that has "A la claire fontaine". Sigh -- I won't tell you how much I paid for the wrong volume. My fault, I should have checked more carefully. (thanks to coletsky, toronto, canadaadd more info
A: I actually don't think the CD set I referred to (Compil' des petits minous, vol. 2) has the right version either. I listened to the sample on the FNAC site and it seems once again to be an adult singing. All of which may be academic anyway, since they don't have the CD available. (thanks to coletsky, toronto, canadaadd more info
A: The version on the 2-CD compilation "La Compil' des petits minous - Volume 2" is the same version used in the movie. The version in the movie is performed by a single adult female voice accompanied by a single piano. An additional single child female voice is heard during the refrains. To refresh your memory, here is a YouTube video clip of the relevant scene. The version is available for download from th this French music website. I could not find a way to purchase only the track of interest and had to purchase and download the entire 2CD set. (thanks to Polar Bear, North Pole, The Articadd more info
A: Just found it on Amazon and downloaded it for $.89, could you imagine my surprise! (thanks to Lauren M., Brooklyn, NYadd more info
A: I also just found it on Amazon mp3's under "la petits minous" as the artist and it's, of course, la claire fontaine! You can preview it just to be sure... And yes, it's $0.89!! Thanks for that lead!! (thanks to Shawn M, Amherst, MAadd more info

Q: Where can I download the sheet music for the piece titled "The River Waltz"? (from Musa in San Rafael Califoria)
A: The words can be found on (thanks to christine, Cornwall, England.add more info

Q: Where can I get sheet music for the song "River Waltz"? I gotta have it. (from Shanna in Rocklin, California)
A: There are three from Painted Veil here. (thanks to Ryan, Chandler, AZadd more info

Q: Is "River Waltz" the name of the piano piece at the beginning of the film? Thanks (from TT in Nottingham, UK)
A: "River Waltz" is played when at the ball in her place Kitty goes down the stairs, Walter watching her, and plus Kitty plays this piece at the nunnery after Nun's request to play calmer. (thanks to Road Runner, Ukraineadd more info
A: No, the piece Kitty plays is the First Gnossienne by Eric Satie. (thanks to dawnington, Aptos, CAadd more info

Q: Is there another title for "Kitty's Theme"?
...from SoundtrackSearcher in Massachusetts, USA (answer SoundtrackSearcher's question)

Q: I thought that the song "A la Claire Fontaine" was sung by Naomi Watts and one of the orphans in the film? Does anyone agree and or know if that version exists? (from Grace in UK)
A: I doubt this song could be sung by Naomi Watts and orphans - she didn't know French and if it would be a difficulty for the kids there to pronounce the name "Katrin" (as Kitty told Walter during one of their conversations), how would they sing the whole French song??!!??!! Though one is really touching... Couldn't hold a tear myself, actually. (thanks to Road Runner, Ukraine, Lvivadd more info
A: Actually, the orphans do sing that song - you can hear them in the background when she's talking to the head nun in one scene. It's very quiet. (thanks to sophie, canadaadd more info

Q: What is the name of the haunting piano theme that plays when the Fanes first meet? (from mike in cali)
A: It's on the soundtrack, "Gnossienne" by Satie (thanks to syucka, Paris, Franceadd more info
A: It is actually "Gnossienne No. 1 - Lent" by french composer Erik Satie (thanks to akeeyaz, Utah, USAadd more info

Q: Where can I find the sheet music for "The River Waltz"?! (from cdub in Shreveport, LA)
A: Out of print by publisher G. Schirmer; can't find any downloads either. It's listed as an item in Essential Film Themes Volume 5 for Solo Piano by Wise Publications. This is a beautiful piece; I would love to have the sheet music. (thanks to Deb, Hartford, Wisc.,USAadd more info

Q: There is this beautiful piano piece that is featured right after the play that Kitty and Charlie made initial contact and it lingers through landscape shots of her and Walter's trek through China. What is it called and is it available in sheet music format???  (from k in ca)
A: The song is called Gnossiennes No. 1 - Lent. It is on the Painted Veil soundtrack on iTunes--The artist who plays it is Lang Lang. (thanks to Lauren, new york cityadd more info

Q: What is the music played on the trailer, but not on the soundtrack? (the previous answer, "Spectres In The Fog" is wrong since that one is from the Last Samurai soundtrack. (from Robert Martin in SLC, UT)
A: Rob, did you listen to "Spectres in the Fog"? That is the right answer. The tune may have been written for The Last Samurai originally, but the trailer editors decided the same piece of music would work in the Painted Veil trailer, so they included it. (thanks to SoundtrackNUTadd more info

Q: Where can we find the sheet music to River Waltz, played by Lang? Anyone? (from ryebread in las vegas, N.V.)
A: Google "Essential Film Themes Volume 5 for Solo Piano by Wise Publications" and you will find it under the listing of music. This is a compilation of film songs. (thanks to A. Sherwood, New Jerseyadd more info
A: You can find it at this website. (thanks to aj, canadaadd more info

Q: Who sings the song in the end when Kitty breaks down and cries? (from Elizabeth in Kutztown Pa)
A: "A La Claire Fontaine," sung by N.Porebski and L Descamps in this movie, but it is a French folk song. (thanks to Enasharples, Englandadd more info

Q: What's the piano song playing in the end credits?? I swear I've heard it somewhere else before... (from Cassandra in US)
A: It's called "River Waltz" by Alexandre Desplat, the composer of the movie's original score. I feel like I've heard it elsewhere too but I can't recall where. (thanks to Avery, New York, USAadd more info

Q: What is the song playing when Walter and Kitty go to visit Wellington? When they are drinking and the girl is dancing?
...from traci  in los angeles (answer traci 's question)

Q: Is the song "Il y a longtermps que je t'aime" on the soundtrack? Is it in the film? (from freddy in palo alto, ca, usa)
A: No it isn't on the soundtrack, but it is in the final credits at the end of the film. (thanks to Grezaso, Españaadd more info

Q: "A la claire fontaine" also featured in another film, but I cannot remember which one. Does anyone else know? I believe it was either "Evelyn" with Pierce Brosnan and Sophie Vavasseur, or "The Illusionist" (with Edward Norton and Jessica Biel), but I cannot find confirmation on any website of this.  (from Didier in Belgium)
A: I can't find a reference for it with any other film. That might explain why you can't find any confirmations. (thanks to STONEwalleryadd more info
A: "A la claire de la fontaine" appeared in a French movie called "Il y a longtemps que je t'aime" (the title in English is I've Loved You So Long) (thanks to Ana, Spainadd more info

Q: Where can we find the version of Kitty playing the piano at the convent to the orphans? The un-tuned version of Gnossiennes is awesome.
...from Taylor  in New York City, NY, USA (answer Taylor 's question)

Q: Does anyone know the name of the piece that Naomi Watts plays on the piano in the convent for the children near the end of the movie? I'm not sure if it's a piece of music--or an exercise. I believe it's the only thing that she plays on the piano in the movie, if that's of any help in identifying the scene. I ask because my mother used to play this tune, and this movie is the only other place that I've ever heard it played. Thanks!
...from Bob in NJ (answer Bob's question)

Q: What's the opera-sounding piece that is playing from Waddington's record player when Kitty walks in on Walter and Waddington having a drink, in that scene before Walter and Kitty rekindle their love? I'm not sure if anyone noticed it, but it's haunting and beautiful. I already taught myself how to play the river and premiere gnoissene on piano, and would like to at least be able to identify this mysterious excerpt. Thank you! (from Lia in NY)
A: I don't know for sure but it must have been Stravinsky?! The record that Kitty had brought to Waddington. Actually, that's the tune that has been haunting me for several years... I would be very much obliged if anyone could trace the name of that piece.... (thanks to Lana, Russiaadd more info

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