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The Quiet Man (1952)
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Format: CD
UPC: 73857211182
Label: Silva Screen
Label number: SSD 1118
Running time: 46m20s
Shipping date: September 26th, 2000
Original score by Victor Young
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Album Tracklist
1. Main Title/Castletown Opening [2:03]
2. This Way!/Journey to Innisfree/Humble Cottage [2:27]
3. Sean Sees Mary Kate for the First Time (Sheepgrazing)/Arrival In Innisfree [2:36]
4. The Wild Colonial Boy/River Cottage [2:24]
5. The Race [3:14]
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q: What is the name of the tune for "Prelude to the Big Fight" in this movie? (from Bill in Charlotte,NC)
A: It is called "The Rakes of Mallow." It's the "Dum dum dum da da" song. Earlier versions may show it as "The Rigs of Mallow." (thanks to JJ, Kenosha, Wisconsinadd more info

Q: What's the name of the main theme music? (from Pat in Yuba City, Ca. USA)
A: It's "The Isle of Innisfree" (thanks to Silverwings, Glasgow, Scotland.add more info

Q: Is the song playing when the men are playing the harpsichord and the reverend comes into the room, the men stop the drinking song and the Reverend sits down at the harpsichord to finish playing the song, is it on the CD? I don't know the name of the song. There is also another song sung in the pub(in the beginning of the movie), is that song also included on the CD? (from Mom Ryan in Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
A: Is it "Lake Isle of Innisfree"? Features again in ET... when he watches this film. (thanks to Fan of Quiet Man, Sligo, Irelandadd more info
A: "The Wild Colonial Boy" is the song in the the pub (thanks to Ferran, Spainadd more info

Q: What's the song heard during the wedding? Three men are singing about a woman getting married? (from Dave in San francisco)
A: answer to your question and the words for you :
The Humour is On Me Now

Oh, as I went out one mornin,'
It being the month of May
A farmer and his daughter
I spied upon me way.

And the girl sat down quite calmly
to the milkin' of her cow
Sayin' I will an' I must get married,
for the humour is on me now. 

Oh, the humour is on me now,
Oh, the humour is on me now
Sayin' I will an' I must get married,
for the humour is on me now.

[Father Lonergan (Ward Bond) takes over at the piano.]

So at last the daughter married,
she married well-to-do
And loved her darlin' husband
a month, a year or two.

But Sean was all a tyrant
and she quickly rued her vow
Sayin' I'm sorry I ever got married,
for the humour is off me now. 

Oh, humour is off me now,
Oh, humour is off me now.
Sayin' I'm sorry I ever got married,
for the humour is off me now. 
(thanks to Silverwings, Glasgow, Scotland.add more info

Q: Could you please tell me what the word "humour" (as used in the Irish song) means? (from Heinrich in South Africa)
A: Spirit or mood. (thanks to Frank Warner, Pennsylvania, USAadd more info

Q: What is the song the men are singing when they deliver Mary Kate's furniture and things (mush, mush, mush, mush)? (from Bob in Tallahassee, FLA)
A: The name of the song is actually "Mush Mush" (thanks to kathy, njadd more info

Q: Could someone inform me who the composer was of "The Humour is on me Now"? I know my great uncle, Harold Richard Hayward performed it, and I was always under the impression he was also the composer, but wish to verify/clarify if this is factually correct. Richard Hayward,as he was known, also performed on stage with Noel Coward. Can anyone assist with any conclusive information. (from Kevin Scott-Hayward in Durban,South Africa)
A: According to a website called "reel classics" the author of the song sounds like your great uncle, Richard Hayward. It can be read at this link. (thanks to Chuck, Harbor City, Los Angeles, CA USAadd more info

Q: Is the tune that Mickeleen hums on the CD? Something that sounded like doot do dadittle. (from Barry of Guyton in Guyton GA. USA)
A: "Rakes of Mallow" (thanks to steve p, englandadd more info

Q: What song does Kate play and sing when she is at the spinet piano in their cottage? (from Donna in Virginia Beach, va)
A: The Isle of Innisfree (thanks to Terry, Arkansasadd more info

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