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Michael Nyman
Soundtrack CDs featuring music by Michael Nyman (sort list by letter or year)
Man On Wire soundtrack (2008)
The Libertine soundtrack (2005)
The Claim soundtrack (2000)
Wonderland soundtrack (2000)
The End of the Affair soundtrack (1999)
Ravenous soundtrack (1999)
Gattaca soundtrack (1997)
Carrington soundtrack (1995)
Six Days Six Nights soundtrack (1994)
The Piano soundtrack (1993)
The Piano (remastered) soundtrack (1993)
Prospero's Books soundtrack (1991)
The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover soundtrack (1989)
The Draughtsman's Contract soundtrack (1983)
The English Patient and Other Art House Classics
The Film Music of Michael Nyman
The Greatest Film Classics
Great Movie Love Themes
Michael Nyman: Film Music 1980 - 2001
Sex and the Cinema