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Tyler Bates
Soundtrack CDs featuring music by Tyler Bates (sort list by letter or year)
John Wick Chapter 2 soundtrack (2017)
Guardians of the Galaxy (Deluxe Edition) soundtrack (2014)
John Wick soundtrack (2014)
The Sacrament soundtrack (2014)
God of War Ascension (game) soundtrack (2013)
Conan the Barbarian soundtrack (2011)
The Darkest Hour soundtrack (2011)
The Way soundtrack (2011)
Watchmen (score) soundtrack (2009)
The Day the Earth Stood Still soundtrack (2008)
Doomsday soundtrack (2008)
Halloween soundtrack (2007)
300 soundtrack (2007)
300 (Special Edition) soundtrack (2007)
Slither (score) soundtrack (2006)
The Devil's Rejects (score) soundtrack (2005)
Dawn of the Dead soundtrack (2004)
Get Carter (score) soundtrack (2000)
Film Music 2007
Halloween The Sound of Evil
Tyler Bates also appears on these soundtrack CDs
Halloween II (H2) soundtrack (2009)
Halloween soundtrack (2007)