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Roy Budd
Soundtrack CDs featuring music by Roy Budd (sort list by letter or year)
Wild Geese 2 soundtrack (1985)
Mama Dracula soundtrack (1980)
The Sea Wolves soundtrack (1980)
Tomorrow Never Comes soundtrack (1978)
The Wild Geese soundtrack (1978)
Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger soundtrack (1977)
Diamonds soundtrack (1975)
Paper Tiger soundtrack (1975)
The Black Windmill soundtrack (1974)
Flight of the Doves soundtrack (1971)
Get Carter soundtrack (1971)
Billion Dollar Brain / The Final Option
Coma / Westworld / The Carey Treatment
Fantasy Movie Themes
Get Budd
Something to Hide / The Intercine Project / Foxbat
Space Movie Themes
Vigilante - Roy Budd Cult Film Scores
Roy Budd also appears on these soundtrack CDs
The Big Tease soundtrack (1999)
Get Carter soundtrack (2000)