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Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008)
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Format: CD
UPC: 05008712270
Label: Disney
Label number: 204902
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Music from the movie not on this soundtrack CD
Chihuahua - DJ Bobo
Hero - Enrique Iglesias
Porcelain Doll - Megan McCauley
Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani
Wow - Kylie Minogue

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Soundtrack Q & A
Q: What is the song/artist singing the song that has the words "...I can be your hero baby.... you take my breath away..."? (from cindy in Fort Worth, TX)
A: Enrique Iglesias... (thanks to Heather, Ohioadd more info
A: Enrique Iglesias's "Hero" (thanks to theirishyank, United Statesadd more info

Q: What is the first song playing in the movie? It's a fast song sung by a lady playing when they show glimpses of Beverly Hills. (from Shilpa in New York)
A: "Rich Girl" by Gwen Stefani (thanks to jane, blahadd more info

Q: What's the soundtrack playing when Chloe's walking alone in the streets after the german sheperd left her? (from mish in Washington DC)
A: I believe the song is called "Porcelain Doll". (thanks to Steph, Celinaadd more info

Q: Who sings the song "Fire" in this movie? I don't see it in the credits.
...from Carolyn in Shawnee, Kansas, USA (answer Carolyn's question)

Q: Who sings the chihuahua song? (from destinee in los angeles,CA)
A: I think it's Heitor Pereira - but I can't be sure. (thanks to Frankie, UKadd more info

Q: What's the song with the lyrics "whoop that ass, whoop that ass"? (from chr in Malaysia)
A: Tag Team - Whoop (thanks to Frankie, UKadd more info
A: It actually says "Whoop, there it is". (thanks to Mike, Danville, IN USAadd more info

Q: What is the song playing when Chloe's on the train when she's throwing away her shoe? (from Nagira in Malaysia)
A: Enrique Iglesias's "Hero" (thanks to Alyk, Riga, Latviaadd more info

Q: What's the song playing when El Diablo is briefly shown in scenes? (from Frankie in UK)
A: George Thorogood and the Destroyers - "Bad to the Bone" (thanks to Alyk, Riga, Latviaadd more info

Q: What's the song playing right after Sam and Rachel hug? (from KK in somewherzz, california)
A: The Whistling Song (thanks to carly, san antonio, texas USadd more info

Q: What is the song playing when Chloe's on the train and she's looking to Delgado and he runs behind her and jumps? (from pikucho in BOLIVIA)
A: It's called "Hero" (thanks to randa, nyadd more info

Q: What is the very last slow song playing at the very end of the credits. Is it performed by Enrique Iglesias? (from Sweetie shelly in Spring, TX)
A: "Hero" ... I think... (thanks to shannen, i not tellin :)add more info

Q: "Chihuahua" is sang by DJ Bobo but there is a cover artist who sang it in the video. There are three girls: a redhead, a blonde and a brunette and they were dancing in the subway and on a train. Who are they?
...from cailin 1404 in antrim northern ireland  (answer cailin 1404's question)

Q: What is the song name that goes something like " Chi- wow - wow - wow - wow"? That song is so cool! (from Chiwowow in VA)
A: "Wow" by Kylie Minogue (thanks to Princess, prestonadd more info

Q: What is the name of the artist and the name of the song in Beverly Hills Chihuahua that sounds like they're saying "Ola, Ola" or "Oh, love, Oh, love"? Thank you! (from Aunt B in Sugar Land, TX)
A: "Hello" by Cat Empire (thanks to evie411, los angelesadd more info

Q: What is the song playing with lyrics like "...hello, hello", "oh, hello, hello..."? Very short clip when Rachel and friends are driving in Mexico. (from slee in Hawaii)
A: "Hello" by the Cat Empire (thanks to Tiff, .add more info
A: "Halo" (thanks to Britney, Quitman,Louisiana,USAadd more info

Q: At the end of the movie and the near ending of the credits, there is a soft song we can hear that sounds so familiar. I had to stop what I was doing and go to the TV. What's it called?
...from Davian Castanet in miami (answer Davian Castanet's question)

Q: What song is playing out at the end of the film as the credits roll?
...from Britannia in Hartlepool U.K. (answer Britannia's question)

Q: What song is playing when the 2 dogs are taken home and giving a bath along with puppy? And the girl falls in the tub trying to stop the dogs from getting out the tub? (from cee in orlando fl)
A: "How Far Is Heaven" is the song. (thanks to Britney, Quitman,Louisiana,USAadd more info

Q: What song is playing when Chloe is walking along the street alone in the dark and there is a woman with her daughter coming by giving her some water?
...from andi in germany (answer andi's question)

Q: What's the song playing when El Diablo is tracking down Chloe? It gives you that suspense feeling when the song plays.
...from carly in San Antonio, Texas, US (answer carly's question)

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