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Blade soundtrack

Blade (1998)
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Format: CD
UPC: 01658182102
Label: TVT
Label number:  8210
Running time: 73m48s
Shipping date: August 18th, 1998
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Album Tracklist
1.  The Edge Of The Blade - Mystikal [4:11]
2.  1/2 & 1/2 - Gang Starr / M.O.P. [4:17]
3.  Blade - KRS-One / Channel One [3:10]
4.  Fighting A War - Down 2 Earth / Rome [4:01]
5.  Reservations - P.A. [4:26]
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q: I'm trying to find the name of the trance song in this movie. It is from the first fight scene from what I remember. Who is the perfomer and title of this song? (from jess in miami)
A: Hello there. The track you need is called "Confusion" (Pump Panel Reconstruction mix) by New Order. It's track 12 on the soundtrack and appears during the nightclub scene in the first movie. Take it easy... (thanks to Finnmeister, englandadd more info
A: The trance song before the fight is track 12 "New Order - Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction mix)"; The song during the fight is Junkie XL's "Dealing With The Roaster" (track 15). (thanks to nashbridges, Germanyadd more info

Q: Has anyone been able to find a CD with the song "Chin Chin" by Bang Wa Cherry and Dj June? (from armi in WI-usa)
A: No CD or album as far as I know. But it does exist on MP3... lots of digging and you can find it. (thanks to keeena, Massadd more info
A: The song was never released and is not available as mp3. What IS available as mp3, is looped together from the short part that you can hear in the movie. It is a pseudo-song, that someone put together, and you can hear the background noise from the movie in it too. (thanks to Moon, Germanyadd more info
A: Three remixes have been available for about a year now (21 Jan 2011), along with a couple of remixes, from iTunes. The Twist Remix is essentially a clean, full-length version that you would expect on the soundtrack, while Remix and Jubilee Remix are pretty much the same remix with a more pronounced hip hop feel than the Twist Remix. (thanks to Daughom, Petaluma, CA, USAadd more info

Q: What is the music in the scene where Deacon Frost is hearing music and another vampire comes and gives him a slap while the machine is translating the la magra code? (from Messiath in Texas)
A: It's "Call and Resist" from Source Direct (some French guys). (thanks to luke, vienna, austriaadd more info
A: Exactly it's "Call & Response" by Source Direct. (thanks to a, aadd more info

Q: What's the name of the song playing when Blade comes down to Frost and Frost said to kill him? (from Blade 123 in Germany)
A: If you're talking about the song playing after Blade was drained and came down to get Frost, then the song is called "Playing with Lightning"!!! (thanks to nicole, californiaadd more info
A: It's called "Struck by Lightning" by Expansion Union (thanks to omegaprime, lousianaadd more info
A: It's "Playing with Lightning" by Expansion Union. (thanks to stevie, oklahomaadd more info

Q: When Blade follows "Mark" into an Asian bar, what is the name of the group singing? (from Damian6907 in Lusby, MD)
A: The track you are referring to is "Chin Chin" by Bang Wu or Wa Cherry and Dj June (thanks to Sam, London, Twickenham, UKadd more info

Q: What song is playing when the windows open on Frost's penthouse party?  (from curious in colorado)
A: That's good song. It's playing now in my PC. The song is by DJ Krush and it's called "Dig This Vibe." Enjoy! (thanks to Trinity, LTadd more info

Q: What's the song playing in the final clip when Blade is in Russia and kills the vampire? (from luis in Guatemala)
A: Are you referring to the classical score before the final credits? In Moscow? If so, I believe it's on the Blade score CD with music by Mark Isham, not the Blade soundtrack (song) album. I'm not 100 percent sure on this, but I'm pretty sure it's the Mark Isham. (thanks to Chris, Chicago,IL USAadd more info

Q: What is the name and artist of the song playing while Blade is chasing the "familiar" cop through the streets in fast motion? (from Milly in cordova,Tn,US)
A: "Yeah" by DJ Krush. (thanks to Sean, South Carolinaadd more info

Q: There's a song or beat in the scene where Deacon Frost is on the floor trying to decode the stones... this song or beat is not on the soundtrack. What's the name of this, or who's the artist? (from sammy in new york)
A: "Call & Response" by Source Direct (thanks to Snipah, UKadd more info

Q: What's the track Frost listens to in the library on is ipod? This is just before he gets smacked by the pure blood he kills. (from regon in essex - east london - england)
A: It's called "Call & Response" by Source Direct. (thanks to DanniiLou, Englandadd more info

Q: What's the song Frost is listening to when he's in the library and learning the history of vampires? (from Alexander Black in Tbilisi Georgia)
A: "Call and Response" by Source Direct (thanks to Tripp, coloradoadd more info

Q: What song is playing when Blade is riding the motor bike with the girl? It sounds like some rock or heavy metal music, but it's a good song, and gives you a kick of adrenaline.
...from Naz in Birmingham, United Kingdom (answer Naz's question)

Q: What is the name of the track playing when "little man with a heat seeker" is riding in the car with the cute red-headed vampire "Stephanie"? This is the very beginning of the movie and continues through the slaughterhouse. The track ends when Stephanie starts talking to the doorman of the Bloodrave. It's not on the soundtrack, of course, and is a killer track. The next track after this one, is the track that everyone knows about; "Confusion" by New Order, followed with "Dealing With The Roster" by JunkieXL. Thanks!!! (from Chris in Chicago, IL USA)
A: I know exactly what you are talking about. The song you are looking for is called "Ut 1dot" by Aphex Twins (thanks to Blade, Cali, Boiseadd more info

Q: What is the song playing in the club when all of 'em are dancing in the beginning? (from alaskan  in Aniak, Ak)
A: Confusion (thanks to B4N4N4 5PL1T, Basingstoke, Hampshire, Englandadd more info

Q: What song is playing after the whistler is dead, when Blade prepares his bullets and prays? (from JULIAN in SPAIN)
A: "Rainbow Voice" by David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir. It's been used on several movie soundtracks; the first I recall is The Dead Poet's Society. (thanks to Daughom, Petaluma, CA, USAadd more info

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