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Borat (2006)
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Label number: 94573
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Shipping date: October 31st, 2006
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Album Tracklist
1.  Chaje Shukarije - Esma Redzepova
2.  Born to Be Wild - Sacha Baron Cohen
3.  Siki, Siki Baba - Erran Baron Cohen
4. Gypsy's Kolo
5. Eu Vin Acasa Cu Drag
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q: In the movie there's a very sad song, kinda like opera. It's not english and it plays when Borat loses everything. What is the name of this song? (from Michael in UK)
A: The song is actually Macedonian and the name of it is "Zide Zide Jasno Sonce." It is a very sad song. (thanks to Leni Stojcevski, Lemont, Illinois USAadd more info
A: Hey it's "Zajdi Zajdi," a very old yugoslavian song (thanks to Sasha Baron, englandadd more info
A: It's just the Ederlezi, by Goran Bregovic. (thanks to Hercules, Greeceadd more info
A: There was no "Zajdi zajdi" in Borat, you're talking about "Ederlezi"; There's another great song I heard there but it's not credited, the acoustic guitar instrumental "Lullaby for Radmila M." by G. Bregovic. (thanks to Dr X, Australiaadd more info
A: That sad song is one of the most beautifull serbian songs from Kosovo. The title is "Gora jeèi" (thanks to Darko, Serbiaadd more info
A: Ederlezi, real name is Djurdjevdan (St.George's Day) is an old Serbian song (not made by Goran Bregovic). Goran Bregovic made the instrumental that is not listed, but it is played in the movie. "Uspavanka za Radmilu M." or translated on english (Lullaby for Radmila M.) which, more/less, is maybe the most beautiful instrumental, but only a small part was played in the movie (in the chapter "Saying good bye to a prostitute" - movie time 48:40). (thanks to belgrade horseman, belgrade serbiaadd more info
A: No. It is "Dreams" - Vasilisa (thanks to stane, bgadd more info
A: "Gora Jeci" by Brankica Vasic Vasilisa. (thanks to Pametnjakovic, Serbiaadd more info
A: Original song is traditional Serbian DJURDJEVDAN ("St. George's Day"), but in movie it's a version by Serbian/Balcanic gypsies ERDELEZI. (thanks to Dejan, VRANJE, SERBIAadd more info
A: Yes, Zajdi Zajdi is in Borat movie, with no lyrics, just female vocal sings it. (thanks to goranstein, Novi Sad, Serbiaadd more info

Q: When Borat meets Pamela, there were a few lines from a song which I think is an old Bulgarian wedding song. Any details please? (from Jimmy in London)
A: I believe that song is "Djurjevdan" (St. George's Day). I know the song is in it, but I'm not 100 percent sure if it was in the Pamela part. It's a beautiful traditional Serbian/Russian song. (thanks to Pavle, LA Californiaadd more info
A: audio stream of the song (thanks to belgrade horseman, belgrade serbia add more info
A: Actually, Serbian and Bulgarian wedding song, because of mutual music influence in the past... (thanks to Dejan, VRANJE, SERBIAadd more info

Q: In Borat's show and in the movie as well there's a song that plays a lot (it might be his theme song). It's played in his movie preview on youtube and I think it's played in the beginning of his movie. It has a quick solo on what i think is the flula (flute) and it sounds like a Serbo-Bosnian folk song. It might be one of the Romanian songs. Anyone know which one it it? (from Dusko in Chicago, Illinois)
A: The song is called "Magic Mamaliga" and is a Romanian song sang by Goran Bregovich. He took the song from Romania. Is not Bulgarian, Rusian, Serbian or anything else. (thanks to Eryx, Mons Belgiumadd more info

Q: Does anyone have the CORRECT track listing for this? I just got the CD and it's not the way it's labeled on this page. For ex. "In my country there's a problem" is listed as track 6, but only 14 sec. long. The real "In my country..." is track 8, which is titled as "Magic Mamaliga." There are also a total of 18 tracks (14-18 listed as "Untitled Track".) I'd like to know the real titles of the songs. Maybe it's because of the little parts of funny audio from the movie thrown in. Thnx, Ken
...from merighthere in Dallas, Texas (answer merighthere's question)

Q: When Borat leaves to the USA, what is the name of that song playing? (from diego in portugal)
A: Mahalageasca (thanks to Zengrim, Almatiadd more info

Q: Can anyone tell me the name of the fast song playing at the end when the credits are on? Cheers. (from ben in derby)
A: You may be referring to "Born to be Wild." (thanks to anmd40, Nashville, TN, USAadd more info
A: See this link. I too thought it was great. (thanks to rb, USAadd more info

Q: What is the song playing when Borat is standing in Time Square? (from Ali in Florida)
A: The name of the song is "Everybody's Talkin'" by Harry Nilsson. Peace. (thanks to mister-e, caliadd more info
A: Song entitled "Everybody's Talkin' at Me" sung by Harry Nillson, originally for the film Midnight Cowboy. (thanks to kimmer, Atlanta, GAadd more info

Q: What is the name of the song playing right after Borat and Azamat fight and Borat is in the Ice Cream Truck talking to the camera and talking how Azamat left and took all his stuff? It is a sad song with a choir in the background, and a single person singing a sad tune. It appears again when he talks about remembering the good times, and the **** times, but mostly they were **** times. Any ideas? (from erik_fegter in Republican City, NE, United States)
A: The name of the song is "Dreams" and it's played by Vasilisa (thanks to stane, Belgradeadd more info

Q: What is the song that starts 1:17:49? It's very catchy, before the anthem. Peace. (from James in Denmark)
A: Mahala Raï Banda vs Shantel - Mahalageasca (thanks to DIrk, Netherlands, Eindhovenadd more info

Q: At the very, very, very, very beginning of the movie, there is a screaming/singing voice (very sad, painful, and beautiful) that plays when the opening credits start. What is the name of the song? (from Flawle$$ in Ocala, FL)
A: The song at the beginning is "Chaje Shukarije" ("Beautiful Girl" in the Romani language) sung by the great Esma Redzepova, "the Queen of Romani Music." This is her signature song which has been covered by virtually every other singer performing Balkan and Romani songs. However, Esma is the first, the original, and still the best singer of this song, and her recording of it was the first in the Romani language to become an international hit in the 1960s. (thanks to Balkanske Igre, Chicagoadd more info

Q: When Borat starts to pack for the USA and is leaving, there is a very catchy song playing. Does anyone know this song? (from Matt in louisville, kentucky USA)
A: Mahala Raï Banda vs Shantel - Mahalageasca (thanks to Filly, Bahrainadd more info

Q: At the start of the rodeo scene there is a country-type song playing and I LOVE it but I have no clue about country music! What is it? (from laula in scotland)
A: Vince Gill's "Ridin the Rodeo" from the album When I Call Your Name. (thanks to MacDude, Phoenix, Arizona- USAadd more info

Q: When Borat sees Pamela for the first time on TV inside the hotel room there is slow ballad music playing. What is the name of that song?? (from Luis in Colombia)
A: "Take My Breath Away" I think (thanks to Hugo Ingram, London! woo!add more info

Q: What song is playing when Borat is with three guys in a caravan and they start drinking? (from gogo in pakistan)
A: "U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer. (thanks to Anthony, Chicago, ILadd more info

Q: What's the name of the song playing when Borat says bye to the prostitute, when they are in front of her house? It's like an acoustic guitar, only like 30 seconds long. (from No1Fan in Sofia, Bulgaria)
A: "Lullaby" by Goran Bregovic (thanks to Samantha, Iowaadd more info
A: "Uspavanka za Radmilu M." - Bijelo dugme. It was written in 1983 by Goran Bregovic (thanks to stane, Belgrade, Serbiaadd more info

Q: What's the name of the song in Borat that starts at 00:34:23? It sounds kinda like rap.
...from jobwan in NY, USA (answer jobwan's question)

Q: What's the song in the end of the movie when Borat is sitting in the bus and heading to the airport to fly back hone? It's a slow song, sung by woman and choir. (from ancrouter in Czech republic)
A: "Dreams" - Vasilisa (thanks to stane , Belgrade, Serbiaadd more info

Q: What's the song playing when Borat sees a photo of Pamela in the Baywatch magazine, and runs to Azamat shouting "I got the tears!!!" ? (from vipul in india)
A: It's "Gypsy's Kolo" by Jony Lliev & Band. It's my favorite song from the movie. (thanks to Jake Lampenfeld, Oaklandadd more info

Q: What's the song playing when Borat is driving on Martin Luther King Blvd right before he goes to learn some black people language?
...from Yan in Quebec, Canada (answer Yan's question)

Q: What's the country song playing when he goes to the rodeo? And who sings it? (from Benjamin  in Rio Hondo Tx,)
A: "Ridin' the Rodeo" :B (thanks to Titu, Londonadd more info

Q: What's the song playing when Borat is walking on a highway with a bag during a sunset? The music has some middle-eastern or arabian singing.
...from djkoolz in new zealand (answer djkoolz's question)

Q: What is the song playing when Borat is about to leave his country to USA and he starts dancing with other people? (from Caleta in Lima, Peru)
A: Mahala Raï Banda vs Shantel - Mahalageasca (thanks to Filly, Bahrainadd more info

Q: What is the music theme playing right at the end of the movie? It sounds like it's some trumpet.
...from Esco in South Africa (answer Esco's question)

Q: What's the song with the lyrics that go like: Ouh ouh x3 to the pouring rain? On the movie clip that's where the guy was pissing on the flowers. Please help.
...from Kagiso in South Africa (answer Kagiso's question)

Q: What song is playing when Borat is in the Pentecostal church? It's only playing for like 20 to 30 seconds... it's like a church song with women's voices. Thanks for your help. (from liselo in belgium)
A: It's "Ederlezi" by Goran Bregovic. (thanks to Jackson, Stockholmadd more info

Q: What's the language of this version of "Siki Siki Baba"?
...from puree in Odessa, Ukraine (answer puree's question)

Q: What is the techno song playing when Borat is on the gay pride parade? I can hear that voice is saying something like "I can feel your ache".
...from Popek in Poland (answer Popek's question)

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