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Crash (score) soundtrack

Crash (score) (2005)
Product detail
Format: CD
UPC: 63215725122
Label: Superb
Label number: 2512
Running time: 58m34s
Shipping date: June 7th, 2005
Original score by Mark Isham
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Album Tracklist
1. Crash [3:21]
2. Go Forth My Son [0:57]
3. Hands in Plain Sight [3:48]
4. ...Safe Now [1:03]
5. No Such Things as Monsters [3:59]
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Additional soundtrack info
Lisa Lan Lyrics, both in English and Welsh:
Bum yn dy garu lawer gwaith,
Do lawer awr mewn mwynder maith,
Bum yn dy gusanu Lisa gel
Ac roedd dy gwmni yn well na'r mel.

Fy nghangen lan, fy nghowlad glyd,
Tydi yw'r lanaf yn y byd;
Tydi sy'n peri poen a chri,
A thi sy'n dwyn fy mywyd i.

Pan fyddwy'n rhodio gyda'r hwyr,
Fy nghalon fach a dodd fel cwyr,
Wrth glywed sŵn yr adar man,
Daw hiraeth mawr am Lisa Lân.

Lisa a ddoi di i'm danfon i,
I roi fy nghorff mewn daear ddu?
Gobeithio doi di, f'annwyl ffrind,
Hyd lan y bedd lle rwyf yn mynd.


I have loved you many times
Yes many an hour in prolonged tenderness
I have kissed you mysterious Lisa
And your company was better than honey.

My pure bough, my warm embrace
You are the purest in the world
You cause pain and anguish
And it is you who steals my life.

When I was strolling at nightfall
My little heart melted like wax
On hearing the sound of the little birds
I feel great longing for Lisa Lân.

Lisa will you escort me
To place my body in black earth?
I hope you will come, my dear friend
To the side of the grave where I am going.

Soundtrack Q & A
Q: What is the name of Ludacris's song in the end credits? (from bob haupt in sterling hts, mi, usa)
A: It's called "Problems" by Move.meant. (thanks to Espresso Frique, San Diego, CAadd more info

Q: Who performed the last song in the movie? What is the title of the song? Where can I buy it? (from Kathy in Willows, CA USA)
A: It's called "In the Deep" sung by Bird York. You can get the song on this soundtrack. See "Product availability" above for a link right to one store that sells it. (thanks to Brownzee, Memphisadd more info

Q: Hello. I thought one of the songs played during the movie was called "Family Reunion"??
...from Lynn in Annapolis, MD (answer Lynn's question)

Q: Can anyone tell me the name of the song that plays in the scene where Ludacris is driving in the car talking about how hip hop is the music of the oppressor? I think it's a song by Ludacris himself but I can't figure out which one. (from ken in chicago)
A: Check out the first question on this page! (thanks to OSTfan, Burlingameadd more info

Q: Can anyone tell me who made the song "Family Reunion" listed in the credits of the movie?  (from Lynn in Glen Burnie, MD)
A: If the song is listed in the credits, the information should be right there! The writer, the performer, all of it. (thanks to OSTfan, Burlingameadd more info

Q: What is the music in the beginning to the middle of the trailer?
...from Kiko_Lehman in Brazil (answer Kiko_Lehman's question)

Q: Does anyone have the lyrics to "Sense of Touch"? I adore the track, and the mood of it, but i can't help being bugged by the fact that I can't understand the lyrics. Thanx. (from nyuszi in romania)
A: I've read on the web that this is actually a Welsh song titled "Lisa Lan." I've found a page with the lyrics (and an english translation) but can't be sure that it is the same song. Awesome track. Very profound sound! (thanks to Bixy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australiaadd more info

Q: Who is the singer in "Flame," the 8th song on the CD? (from sia in NYC)
A: Catherine Grant, and the real name of the song is "Dokhtare Boyerahmadi." It's an old Persian folk song intertwined in the movie with and old Welsh folk song. (thanks to awiee, californiaadd more info

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