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La Fea Mas Bella (TV) soundtrack

La Fea Mas Bella (TV) (2006)
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Format: CD
UPC: 09463614482
Label: none entered
Label number: 61448
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Shipping date: June 6th, 2006
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Album Tracklist
1.  La Fea Mas Bella - Angelica Vale / Jaime Camil
2.  El Club De Las Feas - Banda El Recodo
3.  Simple - Daniela Romo
4.  Con Tu Amor - Pandora
5.  Haria Hasta Lo Imposible - El Coyote Y Su Banda Tierra Santa
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Music from the movie not on this soundtrack CD
Aqui Estare - Angelica Vale
Besame - Ricardo Montaner
La Duena de mi Vida - Angels
Todo Cambio - Camila
Tu belleza es un misterio - Angelica Vale / Jaime Camil

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Soundtrack Q & A
Q: At the beginning and end of the movie, what is the name of the song? It starts "SE QUE NUNCA ENTEDERAS ESTE ABSURDO SENTIMIENTO" (from angeles  in los angeles ca. )
A: "Aqui Estare" by Angelica Vale... such a nice song (thanks to Chiisa Cruz, Philippinesadd more info

Q: Does anyone know where I can get the songs "Aqui estare" by Anglica Vale and "La Duena de mi vida" by Angels? Someone told me that a soundtrack version from Mexico has the songs, but I'm not sure. (from DFan in USA)
A: Try Limewire (thanks to Mina, Belgrade,Serbiaadd more info

Q: Does anyone know who sings the song and what is the name of the songs that says ?me enamoro sin querer, cuando menos lo esperaba, cambio mi forma de ser . . . ?  (from E in Houston tx.)
A: The name of the song you are looking for is called "La duena de mi vida" by a group named Dueto Angels. I too am looking for that song. I purchased the soundtrack to the novela here in the US but the CD had none of the songs they played on the novela. I found the correct CD on ESMAS.COM but I'm not sure if we here in the US can order it because I think the company for ESMAS.COM is located in Mexico. (thanks to Dolores, Dallas Txadd more info

Q: I loved the show... I am wondering what song was played at the wedding and at the end when they were in bed? It goes "...besame la boca... besame..." something like that. (from Janett in Florida)
A: "Besame" is on a CD I have by the artist Ricardo Montaner. The CD is titled "Ricardo Montaner con la London Metropolitan Orchestra Vol. 2" (thanks to Debbie, Michiganadd more info

Q: What's the guitar song played by the guy in the background when Fernando was in the bar after he lost Letty and he wrote something down on a napkin, about how much he loved her or something?
...from michelle in New York (answer michelle's question)

Q: What is the name of the artist (and song, if possible) that had said something about "fotografias"? I think he is a Spain native. He appeared at a fine wine place and I believe Fernando dedicated that song to Letty.  (from Juanita in California)
A: The name of the song is called "Te Tomare una Foto" and the artists name is Tiziano Ferro (thanks to Sc2010, californiaadd more info

Q: What is the musical tune playing in the sad moments through the series?
...from gem in miami, fl (answer gem's question)

Q: What song do the two girls sing and perform on the piano? Fernando starts crying and so does Marcia...
...from kari in fairmont city il (answer kari's question)

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