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The Holiday soundtrack

The Holiday (2006)
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Format: CD
UPC: 03020667842
Label: Varese Sarabande
Label number: 302 066 784
Running time: 48m12s
Shipping date: January 9th, 2007
Original score by Hans Zimmer
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Album Tracklist
1. Maestro
2. Iris and Jasper
3. Kayak for One
4. Zero
5. Dream Kitchen
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Music from the movie not on this soundtrack CD
Buy Are You Gonna Be My Girl? - Jet at Are You Gonna Be My Girl? - Jet (found on the CD "Get Born")
Buy At Your Side - The Corrs at At Your Side - The Corrs (trailer song) 
Buy Best of My Love - The Emotions at Best of My Love - The Emotions
Buy Breathe (2 AM) - Anna Nalick at Breathe (2 AM) - Anna Nalick
Buy Cold Hands (Warm Heart) - Brendan Benson at Cold Hands (Warm Heart) - Brendan Benson (trailer song) 
Buy Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing - Stevie Wonder at Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing - Stevie Wonder
For the Longest Time - Billy Joel
Buy Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn at Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn
Buy Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Ella Fitzgerald at Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Ella Fitzgerald
Buy Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - James Taylor at Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - James Taylor
Buy I Believe in You - Hope Partlow at I Believe in You - Hope Partlow (trailer song) 
It May Be Winter Outside - Love Unlimited
Buy It's a Shame - The Spinners at It's a Shame - The Spinners
Buy Just For Now - Imogen Heap at Just For Now - Imogen Heap (found on the CD "Speak for Yourself")
Buy Last Christmas - Wham at Last Christmas - Wham
Buy Let Go - Frou Frou at Let Go - Frou Frou (found on the CD "Details")
Buy Love's Theme - Love Unlimited Orchestra at Love's Theme - Love Unlimited Orchestra (found on the CD "Barry White All-Time Greatest Hits")
Moonglow - Claude Bolling
Buy Mr. Brightside - The Killers at Mr. Brightside - The Killers (found on the CD "Hot Fuss")
Buy Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee at Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee
Santa Baby - Kylie Minogue
Buy Sha La La - Al Green at Sha La La - Al Green
Sleigh Ride - The Ronettes
Buy Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall at Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall (tv trailer song)  (found on the CD "Eye to the Telescope")
Buy Time - Chantal Kreviazuk at Time - Chantal Kreviazuk (trailer song) 
Toto and Alfredo - Ennio Morricone (found on the Cinema Paradiso soundtrack CD)
Winter Wonderland - Darlene Love
Buy You Send Me - Aretha Franklin at You Send Me - Aretha Franklin

Add more missing songs to this list, or tell us in what scenes these songs are heard or where they can be found.
Soundtrack Q & A
Q: In the film there is a song near the end where Cameron Diaz is running through the snow back to the cottage. I'm wondering the name of the song? (from anthony in eire)
A: It's the last song on the CD, "Cry." Hope this helps. (thanks to Tommy, Virginiaadd more info
A: It's called "Gumption".... (thanks to ashtinthegreat07, californiaadd more info
A: "Gumption" by Hans Zimmer! It's so nice to listen to! (thanks to cheezcake, franceadd more info
A: "Gumption," "Cry" and "Maestro," all by Hans Zimmer sound too much alike... almost the same song... although I'm just a music amateur talking here... (thanks to Alejandro, Colombiaadd more info

Q: In the film when Jude Law goes to the pub to meet his friends there, in hopes to find Cameron Diaz, what is the title of the song playing? (from Annmaire in phila, pa, usa)
A: It's a song called "Let Go" by Frou Frou. One of the members of this group, Imogen Heap, has another song in the movie titled "Just For Now" (thanks to Alex, Atlanta, GAadd more info
A: The song is also on the Garden State soundtrack, if that can help somehow... (thanks to njal, Spainadd more info

Q: What song is playing in the film when Jack Black leaves Kate Winslet at dinner to meet up with his ex-girlfriend?  (from Monica in Minnetonka, MN)
A: "Just For Now" by Imogen Heap! I LOVE IMOGEN HEAP! (thanks to Nicole the dancing director, Canadaadd more info

Q: What is the song playing when Cameron Diaz is dancing around all alone? Thanks. (from Sabrina in michigan)
A: "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers. (thanks to Ali, Boston, Maadd more info

Q: Is there any melody or trumpet performance by Herb Alpert in the movie? I think I heard it. (from RAMON MUJICA in SAN JUAN , PUERTO RICO)
A: I saw Herb Albert in the credits, but am not sure on what he was playing. (thanks to Jellybean, Orlando, Floridaadd more info
A: I think he plays on track 16, "Verso e Prosa" (thanks to kemplummer, kcmo, usaadd more info
A: Herb is most noticeably playing in track 16 "Verso E Prosa" (thanks to Catalina, Antietam Maryland add more info

Q: When Miles is in the DVD rental place with Iris, he sings a bunch of songs. There's one song he sings and then Dustin Hoffman looks at him. What's it called? (from LeJentle in germany)
A: The song is "Mrs. Robinson" by Simon and Garfunkel from the movie that Dustin Hoffman was in, The Graduate. (thanks to Sophie, USAadd more info

Q: What is the song playing when the final credits are going by? It's all instrumental... (from josh in canada)
A: It's actually a tribute to French soundtracks by Henry Pryce Jackman, called "For Nancy." It's on the soundtrack as #13. (thanks to El Rojo, LA,CAadd more info

Q: What's the song playing on the radio when Iris wakes up in Amanda's bed? (from Jk in Manchester, England)
A: It's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet. Rocking awesome song. (thanks to rachel, Manchester, IN, USAadd more info

Q: What's the name of the song at the beginning when Kate Winslet is narrating and/or when Cameron Diaz is running back to Jude Law? Sounded the same to me. It'd be great if anyone could tell me the exact title. (from clauds in singapore)
A: At the end of the movie when Cameron Diaz is running back to Jude Law - this music is in the Holiday Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, track 22 "Cry." Hope this helps. (thanks to Tommy, Virginiaadd more info
A: But when Kate Winslet is narrating at the begining, it's "Maestro"... I know, it really sounds the same! (thanks to Roxanne, canadaadd more info

Q: When Jack Black and Kate Winslet meet for the first time, what's the name of the music he was listening to in the car? I heard flutes.... (from josh in new jersey)
A: That song is "Love Theme" by Ennio Morricone from Cinema Paradiso. Jack Black commented on that song in the movie (thanks to Betty, Seoul/Koreaadd more info
A: I don't think it is the "Love Theme" song. I bought the "Cinema Paradiso" CD and that is not the song. Still wondering the same thing because I thought the song was lovely. (thanks to LOLO, Chicago, Illinoisadd more info
A: "Childhood and Manhood" from the Cinema Paradiso soundtrack by Ennio Morricone (thanks to Javier, Monterrey, Mexicoadd more info
A: "Childhood and Manhood" is the right answer (thanks to kristy, Chinaadd more info

Q: Is the song that Jack creates for Kate's character on the soundtrack? And if so, what's it called? (from Chrissy in Canada)
A: I think it's a little bit of "Kiss Goodbye" (track 15) (thanks to kemplummer, kcmo, usaadd more info
A: The tune Miles wrote for Iris is actually written by Hans Zimmer, and he put it in his score as one of the Iris' themes. On the CD, it plays in Track 20 "Christmas Surprise" (starts around 2:15), and in Track 21 "Gumption" (around 1:46-2:00). The first part of "Kiss Goodbye" is a theme for Amanda & Graham, I think. This theme is used many times on the score. (thanks to A Pridelander, Japanadd more info

Q: What's the name of the song Amanda is listening and singing loudly to when she gets drunk on the first day at Iris's? (from phoebe in slovenia)
A: It's "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers. Great song !! (thanks to sonya, Polandadd more info

Q: When Iris is confiding in Jack Black's character about being in love with Jasper, what music is playing? (from Tilly in London)
A: "Let Go" by Frou Frou! (thanks to Mila, Novato, CA.add more info

Q: When is this soundtrack available in stores? (from Hallie in Mesa, AZ, USA)
A: On January 9. The information is up there near the top of the page under "product details." (thanks to Ron, SLCadd more info
A: The score is available January 9th. Wondering when the soundtrack with the compilation of songs might become available? (thanks to Misty, all overadd more info

Q: At the end of the movie when both couples and the two girls are celebrating New Years together ... what is the song in background?? Thanks! (from Lindul in Charlottesville, VA)
A: I have been looking for this for a while, and now I have the title. Aretha Franklin's "You Send Me." It's great song!! (thanks to BG, Polandadd more info

Q: The music throughout this movie is lovely and I also wanted to know what the song is when Jack Black is telling Kate Winslet that he made a song for her, only the happy notes. It's beautiful, do you know what it is called? (from abbey in Florida)
A: I don't think he ever showed her the song he wrote for her. (thanks to gracie, caliadd more info
A: He played the song for her (remember they both went fruitily-doo?), but it's not on the album. I checked. (thanks to Ellie, Boston, MAadd more info
A: I think the song for Iris is the beginning of "Kiss Goodbye" (track 15). (thanks to kemplummer, kcmo, usaadd more info
A: Miles begins to play Iris's theme while he tells her about it. That exact theme is not in the soundtrack, but snippets of it are in the tracks Christmas Surprise (at about 2:15) and Gumption (at 1:45). Listen to both of these sections right after one another. You will find Iris's theme by Miles within. (thanks to Katie O, Penna, USAadd more info

Q: When Jack Black is composing songs on the piano for Albert's theme, he jokes around and plays a well known theme. What's the theme?! (from Phil in UK)
A: He is playing the Indiana Jones theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark. (thanks to Andi, Nashville, TNadd more info

Q: When Cameron desides to stay, she went to meet him at the local pub for dinner. What's the song playing when we see her behind all the people??? (from Thor in Ontario)
A: That song is "Let Go" by Frou Frou. It is on their CD "Details" and also on the Garden State soundtrack (it was used in that film's trailer). (thanks to Jessica, Orlando, FLadd more info
A: The song playing in the pub is by Imogen Heap titled, "Just for Now." (thanks to Two Times, Chicagoadd more info

Q: What is the song with the lyrics " in the breakdown..."? Can anyone tell me? (from andrew in from canada)
A: It's "Let Go" by Frou Frou. Also on the Garden State soundtrack. (thanks to Caitlin, Pennsylvaniaadd more info

Q: There is a song in the movie that starts off a little quiet and then has a strong bass line come in. I have no idea what was going on at the time and the song doesn't last for long. The song is from a few years ago and the female voice sounds a little like Dido. All I remember is that great bass... any ideas? (from lee in Canada)
A: I think that song is "Let Go" from Frou Frou. (thanks to Franziska, Lisbonadd more info
A: It's "Let go" by Frou Frou. It's the best - the song makes you wanna rush for the CD. (thanks to corine, mauritius islandadd more info

Q: What is the name of the song which Kate Winslet wakes up to in Cameron Diaz's bed just before she gets a call from Jasper Bloom? (from Tasneem in South Africa)
A: With her air guitar solo? That's "Are You Gonna Be My Girl?" by Jet. (thanks to Semi, Ohio, United Statesadd more info

Q: What is the score played during the scene where Amanda was talking to drunk Graham in the cottage's living room about wanting to sleep with him since she won't be seeing him anymore? Will it be available on the soundtrack? (from Jo  in Scotland)
A: I believe it is track 9 "Definitely Unexpected." (thanks to Anrean, Idahoadd more info

Q: When Jack Black composes the song for Arthur Abbott, he says "I wrote something for you too, Iris." What's the song that he then plays? (from Louis in South Africa, Cape Town)
A: I think it's the beginning of "Kiss Goodbye" (track 15). (thanks to kemplummer, kcmo, usaadd more info

Q: What is the name of the song that is playing when Iris is driving down the road? I believe it is also on a "Grey's Anatomy" episode, tho I don't remember which one. (from Bri in Mississippi, USA)
A: Ana Nalick's "Breathe (2AM)" Awesome song, gives me chills. (thanks to Jen, Canadaadd more info
A: It's not listed in the DVD credits. Maybe they could get the song rights only for the theatrical version. (thanks to kemplummer, kcmo, usaadd more info
A: It was used in Grey's Anatomy when Meredith had to pull out the bomb that was in the patient. Hope that helps! (thanks to Natasha, englandadd more info

Q: Is there a song by the Beatles in this movie? (from duncan in knoxville tn)
A: No. I think you might be thinking of a few songs by Jet. (thanks to dothedew, LAadd more info
A: There is actually a song by the Beatles, but it's Jack Black who sings it when they are choosing a DVD... (thanks to roxanne, canadaadd more info
A: It's actually not a Beatles song. It's "Mrs. Robinson" by Simon & Garfunkel. (thanks to obi, oregonadd more info

Q: What is the song playing on Amanda's last night in England, while she is in bed with Graham when Graham tells her he loves her? (from Kelly in Springfield, IL, USA)
A: Imogen Heap's "Just for Now" (thanks to Paula, FLadd more info

Q: What song plays when Amanda is trying to sleep on the plane but thoughts are starting to pop up in her head? The same song plays later in the movie when she's in the bath, I think. (from Kris in Sweden)
A: "Best of My Love" by The Emotions plays when Amanda is trying to sleep on the plane. And "Got To Be Real" by Cheryl Lynn is playing while Amanda is in the bathtub. (thanks to Anrean, Idahoadd more info

Q: I would like to know the name of Arthur Abbott's song. I'm looking out for it and I can't find it anywhere. (from Joao Marcelo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil )
A: Gday... It is at the end of the track "Gumption" on the soundtrack CD, about the last 30 seconds. (thanks to Kath, Newcastle, Australiaadd more info
A: Gumption 3:00 (thanks to Steve, CTadd more info

Q: Is this soundtrack going to include the theme music of this movie? Such as the music played during the credits? (from Steven in Dorchester, MA, USA)
A: Yes it does. (thanks to Jon, Bostonadd more info

Q: I just pre-ordered the soundtrack for my teen daughter. Amazon website said "Explicit Lyrics". What song would be labeled explicit? (from cindesigner in CA)
A: Amazon's got it all wrong. There are no explicit lyrics on the CD - it's all score music I stick to ordering soundtracks from (the people behind this site). Good trust and service. (thanks to Greg, NYCadd more info
A: Mr. Brightside? (thanks to jojo, Calagary, Alberta Canada North America add more info

Q: Whats the song playing when Cameron Diaz turns on the stereo at the cottage? (from Josh in chicago)
A: I guess it's "Mr. Brightside" from The Killers (thanks to Bianca, Braziladd more info

Q: At the beginning of the film when Cameron Diaz is sitting in the car with her boyfriend and they are looking at each other, what is the music that is playing? It is instrumental. (from kelly herbot in london)
A: The song is track 1 on the CD called "Maestro." (thanks to Anrean, Idahoadd more info

Q: Is the song that Jack Black's character writes for Arthur on the soundtrack? That was a catchy little tune and I liked it! (from Payton in Philadelphia)
A: There isn't a track with just that song by itself, but it does play in track 21 "Gumption." (thanks to Anrean, Idahoadd more info

Q: Anyone know the name of the song that Jack Black is playing on the piano at the start of the movie? He was playing it for the a movie ad or something. (from kelvin in singapore)
A: I think it might be part of the opening track of the OST called "Maestro." (thanks to Shirasade, Basel, Switzerlandadd more info

Q: I don't see "Love Theme" by Ennio Morricone on the soundtrack or itunes. Do you know how I could get this song? (from Dede in new york)
A: You should be able to download it somewhere. It's called the Love Theme from the Cinema Paradiso soundtrack. The whole score is great, the movie is even better. (thanks to DonG, NYCadd more info
A: It's also called "Nuevo Cinema Paradiso." It is the love theme and the main theme from the movie. And if you haven't seen it yet, you should. It's in Italian, but if you love this movie then you're not quite complete until you watch Cinema Paradiso!! (thanks to Jennie, Ruston, LAadd more info

Q: Where in the movie does "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" by Stevie Wonder play? (from Anrean in Idaho)
A: The song is also featured in the movie Hitch, when Will Smith and Eva Mendez are riding the jet skis on the Hudson River. (thanks to LoveFliks, USAadd more info

Q: What part in the movie is "Sleigh Ride" by The Ronettes playing? (from Anrean in Idaho)
A: It plays when Kate Winslet's character first arrives in LA and she is on her way to the house. (thanks to Erika, Washingtonadd more info
A: "Winter Wonderland" (thanks to Perfectionist, Moscow, Russiaadd more info

Q: What is the song playing in the beginning when Iris is with her friend at the editorial party? They are talking and there's a song playing, kinda 80s maybe, it's not classical (not composed by Zimmer). (from Karen in Santiago, Chile.)
A: I believe the song is "Last Christmas" by Wham. (thanks to Anrean, Idahoadd more info
A: I have my reasons to believe the song you are talking about is "Quit Playing Games With My Heart," though I'm not quite sure if Diana Ross sings it or someone else. (thanks to Zero, argentinaadd more info
A: Definitely "Last Christmas" by Wham. (thanks to Ingrid S√¶ther Hagen, Norwayadd more info

Q: Is there a new Jack Johnson song in this movie? My girlfriend and I swear we heard one! (from T.L. in Wisconsin)
A: No there's not. You may have heard the Killers, they're not much like Jack though. (thanks to Victoria, London - westadd more info

Q: What's the name of the song at the very beginning of the movie? It is also used throughout the film. (from natalie in belgium)
A: "Maestro" by Hanz Zimmer. Elements of the song are also used in "Cry" by Hanz Zimmer. (thanks to Lucia, Spainadd more info

Q: What is the name of the song playing at the end of the movie? It's also played several times during the movie! (from Quine in Netherlands)
A: The main theme is part of "Maestro" and parts of it are also used in "Cry." (thanks to BadarZ, Australiaadd more info
A: Not just in "Cry," but elements from that song are used throughout the piece, representing different themes in the film. (thanks to Jack, Leicester, Englandadd more info

Q: Does anyone know where I can find Iris's song? I loved it! (from melz in USA)
A: Sadly, it's just a bar or so of track 15. (thanks to Nappi_Tea, District of Columbiaadd more info

Q: What is the music played just right after Iris breaks up with Jasper? It is played for like 15-25 seconds until she goes to Arthur's house. (from WishMaster in Israel)
A: It is the song "Gumption" (number 21 on the soundtrack CD). (thanks to Ashley, Orange Countyadd more info

Q: Can you help me finding the song that plays, when Cameron leaves Jude (stand in front of the cotton at the end of the film)? It's only instrumental (I think played on a piano).
...from Silvio in Schneeberg, Germany (answer Silvio's question)

Q: On the official movie website "Jingle Bell" is being played, not sure if it's in the movie. Who is the performer? (from Mishary in Kuwait)
A: Diana Krall :) (thanks to kemplummer, kcmo, usaadd more info

Q: Could someone identify the name of the song and artist in this Japanese version of the trailer?? The song starts from the last half of trailer. (from KEN in Japan)
A: "We're All Alone" by Rita Coolidge (thanks to kemplummer, kcmo, usaadd more info

Q: What is the name of the track playing when Amanda is driving for the firs time being in Surrey?? With the line "I can drive on the wrong side of the road, and the wrong side of the car."
...from Lucia in Spain (answer Lucia's question)

Q: I am wondering about the name of a song, the one playing at the end of the television commercial for this movie. It is a woman singer and it is a soft, melodic song. (from Wendy Bailey in Anaheim, California)
A: "Suddenly I See" by KT Tunstall is the song that was playing in the commercial I just saw. (thanks to Juan Sanchez, Mexicoadd more info

Q: I just saw a shortened version of the trailer, with a song sung by a female and a violin playing in the background. The violin is really strong. (from Anika in Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
A: I think it's "At Your Side" by The Corrs. (thanks to Queenie, Hong Kongadd more info

Q: When Graham sees Amanda in the pub, what song is playing? (from Taylor in kemp, texas, united states)
A: That would be "Let Go" by Frou Frou (Imogen Heap). (thanks to BadarZ, Australiaadd more info

Q: I'm trying to find out the name of the female singer of the "Jingle Bells" song in the trailer... (from Javier in Monterrey, Mexico)
A: Diana Krall, answered by someone else above. (thanks to BadarZ, Australiaadd more info

Q: Is the music heard during Cameron & Jude's first lunch date in the restaurant/garden stroll included in the movie soundtrack? (from Alef in Chicago)
A: Yes, it's track 13 "For Nancy" (thanks to Grace, Virginiaadd more info

Q: What song is playing in the beginning of the movie when Shakespeare is being quoted? It sounds like a piano (there are no words). (from musicman in Ohio )
A: The song song is "Maestro" by Hans Zimmer. It's so good. (thanks to Edawg, austin, texasadd more info

Q: The song "Gumption" by Hans Zimmer plays when Iris meets Miles the first time and in the credits and other times too. But at the end of the movie when Amanda gets out of the car and runs back through the snow to Graham, the song sounds just like "Gumption" but with different instruments and is notably different from the one by Hans Zimmer. Can any one tell me if that song is by a different artist or differnt song? I really want to find out. (from E Dawg in Austin, Texas)
A: The song is "Cry" (thanks to Jillo, U.S.A.add more info

Q: What is the name of the song, I think it's by the White Stripes, that Kate Winslet listens to when she's in Cameron's bed? (from Tay in US)
A: It's actually "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet. (thanks to E dawg, Austin, Texasadd more info

Q: What is the name of the song playing on the radio in the background when Cameron first walks into Jude's house and meets the girls? (from John in Jonesboro, Arkansas)
A: The song is by Al Green and it's called "Sha-la-la (Make Me Happy)" (thanks to e dawg, austin, texasadd more info

Q: What's the name of the song playing when Amanda and Graham are on their first date and they're strolling around in the park afterwards? (from Trace in Canada)
A: I believe it's "For Nancy" by Hans Zimmer (thanks to ReGiNe, Manila, Philippinesadd more info

Q: I am in love with the song playing right after Iris kicks out Jasper when she is in LA right before they go to honor Abbot. Can someone please tell me what that song is called and if it is on the soundtrack? I think it plays again in the credit. Thanks sooo much (from Natalee in St.Catharines Ont)
A: It's "Gumption" By Hans Zimmer. It's my favorite off the soundtrack, too. (thanks to Sof, miami, fladd more info

Q: What is the song playing when Amanda is at the airport when the customs inspector is looking though her luggage? It only play for 10 seconds or so and it's a flash back for her and the great time she had with guy. I really need to know. (from moneycantbuylove in toronto canada)
A: "It's a Shame" by the Spinners. GREAT song! (thanks to Tracy, Laval, Canadaadd more info

Q: Just wondering if anyone knows the music when Jack Black and Kate Winslet are sitting at the piano and do the fruitaleedooodly melody? (from Tami in Canada)
A: I kinda think he was just "improvising." I don't think it's a real song though... (thanks to Hannah Banana, Canadaadd more info
A: Not sure what the song is but it's #2 on the soundtrack. (thanks to nessa, ohioadd more info
A: If you read through all the inquiries before yours, you'd find out a lot of information on different songs throughout the whole movie. (thanks to erinadd more info

Q: Miles holds up a DVD in the rental store and says "This changed my life!" What DVD is he holding? (from Daren in Denver, CO)
A: The Mission (thanks to Vivica, Washington, DCadd more info

Q: A song plays that has a cello and a piano on the DVD's menu screen. What is the name of the music? I'm a cellist and my high school, so any music with a cello in it, I LOVE IT TO DEATH! (from Regina in Georgia)
A: It is "Maestro" by Hans Zimmer. (thanks to nessa, ohioadd more info

Q: Right at the beginning of the movie there is music playing, who is it by? (from Milzy in London)
A: It's Hans Zimmer's "Maestro" (gorgeous song) (thanks to Jaimito0o, Mexicoadd more info

Q: I'm trying to find out the song that plays when Amanda is walking in the path to the Iris's house for the first time?
...from enri in Italy (answer enri's question)

Q: What is the song when Amanda is in the Airport and they are checking her bag and considers to go back with Graham??? (from Jaimito0o in Mexico)
A: "It's A Shame" by The Spinners (great song). (thanks to musicman, New Yorkadd more info

Q: What is the song playing in the new trailer with the words "....close your eyes and breathe, then you can be with me...."
...from KB in Japan (answer KB's question)

Q: What is the song playing in Miles' car when he meets Iris for the first time in front of Amanda's house? (from jay in france)
A: That song is "Love Theme" by Ennio Morricone. (thanks to Charlotte, London,Englandadd more info

Q: When I heard the melody in "Gumption" (starting after 42 seconds of the song), I recognized another song from another movie score. Can somebody help me which movie it is?
...from fredvonsyd in australia (answer fredvonsyd's question)

Q: There's a beautiful 15 second cello-piano duet about 2 minutes into "Iris and Jasper"... Does anyone know who played the cello? It's overflown with emotion and inspiration, could it be Yo Yo Ma?  (from Kevin in Portland, OR)
A: The principal cellist on the soundtrack is Steve Erdody. I think it may be him. (thanks to Katie O, Penna, USAadd more info

Q: What is the version of "You Send Me" they use in the final scene? I don't think it's the original version Aretha Franklin released in 1968. I'd like to track down the version of that song used in this film. (from Rebekah (Oregon) in Oregon)
A: The version in the movie is by Aretha Franklin. The original is by Sam Cooke. (thanks to Ashley, denver, co, USAadd more info

Q: What is the song by Ennio Morricone that is playing when Miles and Iris meet and he is talking about the Santa Ana winds? I saw that other people have asked this question, and someone answered that it was the "Love Theme" from Cinema Paradiso. But when I listened to it, it didn't sound the same as the song in the Holiday. In that music there are oboes playing and there are no oboes in the Love Theme. Thanks! (from Lizzy in Philadelphia)
A: I believe the song is "Childhood and Manhood" from Ennio Morricone's Cinema Paradiso. (thanks to Emigo, Utahadd more info

Q: What's the song playing when Kate Winslet was standing in front of Cameron's house looking up at the trees after she told Jack Black that Cameron wasn't around? (from *Steph* in Malaysia)
A: Either "Love Theme" or "Childhood and Manhood." Most probably the second one. (thanks to corine, mauritius islandadd more info

Q: What's the theme music playing when Iris peers into Arthur's office and see his awards and the Oscar? I've heard that theme before and can't remember where it was from. The Hollywood Golden era?
...from Val in Victoria BC Canada (answer Val's question)

Q: Is there a CD available of all the music that is NOT part of the original soundtrack score? Thanks. (from Lisa in Orange County, CA)
A: No. (thanks to Soundtrack.NUTadd more info

Q: What is the song playing when they make love around the middle of the movie? It has a lot of acoustic guitar. (from michael in tyler, tx)
A: The last time they're in bed together we hear "Just For Now" by Imogen Heap. (thanks to Oliver, Englandadd more info

Q: What is the song playing when Iris is crying inside her house? About 21:00 in... (from Mello in London)
A: On the soundtrack, it is the theme of Iris and Jasper, number 3. (thanks to Katie O, Penna, USAadd more info

Q: After Aretha Franklin sings in the end credits, there is an instrumental that's very short. What's the name of this song, or the composer? (from wendy in Florida)
A: It might be "Gumption." I found it on youtube. (thanks to Jackie, Taiwanadd more info

Q: What is the song playing when Cameron Diaz is in the bath and she is thinking like a trailer? (from kenies in argentina)
A: "Got To Be Real" by Cheryl Lynn (thanks to soundtrack.NUTadd more info

Q: The music playing whenever the Santa Ana winds are blowing in the movie has a resemblance to some music in a japanese anime movie made by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli but I don't know which one... Might be My Neighbor Totoro, Nausica√§ of the Valley of the Wind, Kiki's Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away or Howl's Moving Castle. The music in the japanese movie was also played when a wind was blowing. Which movie did Hans Zimmer get the inspiration from, or is it all in my head? ;) (from Kenneth Johansson in Gothenburg, Sweden)
A: We thought so too. My son guesses it's by Yoshito Akeboshi and a song called "Leaf on Leaf" (thanks to sea, USAadd more info
A: I've now listened to some anime soundtracks. I think its from or very similar to My Neighbor Totoro, from the scene when Totoro gives the girl a ride and ends up in the top of the tree! It also reminds me of the musical theme from Howl's Moving Castle. Both soundtracks were made by japanese composer Joe Hisaishi. Am I right? (thanks to Kenneth Johansson, Gothenburg, Swedenadd more info

Q: What's the song playing after "Mr. Brightside"? (in fast beat also)
...from Joan in Philippines (answer Joan's question)

Q: What's the song playing when Cameron Diaz's character is waiting in the pub for Jude Law (when he meets his two friends), after deciding to stay in England? (from Val in NJ)
A: It's called "Let Go" by Frou Frou (thanks to Miranda, Idahoadd more info

Q: Hi, what is the song playing when Jude Law first sees Cameron Diaz enjoying a drink @ the pub?  (from AS in NY )
A: It's called "Let Go" by Frou Frou (thanks to Miranda, Idahoadd more info

Q: What's that song playing when Kate Winslet is driving in the car when suddenly she sees her neighbour Arthur? (from INANA in Singapore)
A: Frou Frou (Imogen Heap) - "Let Go" (thanks to A, SGadd more info

Q: What is the music playing when Jack Black is leaving Kate Winslet's house? He mocks himself for kissing her twice and lingering and mentions the windy weather. Is this piece on the soundtrack? (from wandrin in atlanta)
A: look at 2min 50 seconds in to this clip. (thanks to Tim, ukadd more info

Q: Is there a place to buy the sheet music for the last song on the soundtrack ("Cry")?
...from Lauren in raleigh, nc, usa (answer Lauren's question)

Q: What's the music playing at the Hanukkah party?
...from dcal in Connecticut (answer dcal's question)

Q: What is the song played on the "Lingering Kiss" scene?
...from cabarrus in North Carolina (answer cabarrus's question)

Q: Is there a place where I can purchase the sheet music for "Kiss Goodbye?" My fiance wants to use it to walk down the aisle at our wedding. (from JPoore in Jackson, MS, USA)
A: Probably not. Try searching for "Kiss Goodbye sheet music from The Holiday" and see what comes up. If it's available there will be positive results. (thanks to NOTONVACATIONadd more info

Q: What song is playing when Jack Black picks a leaf out of Kate Winslet's hair and says "Don't blow away"? Thanks! (from Kan in Ireland)
A: It's called "Anything Can Happen" (thanks to lili18, Singaporeadd more info

Q: This soundtrack is uplifting and sets a delightful mood. What are some similar music/soundtracks you might recommend? Thank you. (from boston bill in boston ma usa)
A: Try the "PS I Love You" OST. I think it's as uplifting as "The Holiday" and has some nice irish motifs. (thanks to Chris, Munich, Germanyadd more info

Q: Which songs from this movie are original scores or songs written specifically for this movie?
...from Erin in USA (answer Erin's question)

Q: What music is in the trailer of this film after the "OK" in the PC? It's something like... "...when are way, to new..." (something like that)
...from Eduard in Lisbon (answer Eduard's question)

Q: What song is playing when Arthur and Iris walk up to the stage when he's honored? I realize the song when they open the door isn't the same as the one when they're walking to the stage... thanks a ton!!!!
...from Teresa in FL, United States (answer Teresa's question)

Q: What is the song playing when Iris and Jasper are together at Amanda's house and Maggie tries to apologize to Miles? It's instrumental... Thank you!
...from Karen in Belgium (answer Karen's question)

Q: What music is in the trailer of this film after the "ZERO" in the PC? It's something like... "...we are now there, to new..." (something like that). It starts at about 56 seconds into this trailer.
...from Eduard Lisbon in Lisbon (answer Eduard Lisbon's question)

Q: When/during what scene is the song "Santa Baby" heard?
...from rachael in GA (answer rachael's question)

Q: Is the music for "The Cry" available for piano?
...from Cat in Montrea, Quebec, Canada (answer Cat's question)

Q: At the beginning of the movie, Jack Black is playing into the keyboard and the music notation is showing up on the screen. What music software is making this happen?
...from shalombs in Houston TX (answer shalombs's question)

Q: I've seen this queation asked several times and so far it's looking like the people giving the answers are listening to the wrong bit of the closing credits. I'd like to know what song is played in the closing credits right after Aretha Franklin and BEFORE gumption? I keep wanting to think it sounds like an old game show theme or old TV show theme.
...from Moonraker in Wichita, Ks. (answer Moonraker's question)

Q: What are the instruments used in "Cry"?
...from ElTee Common in MB, Winnipeg (answer ElTee Common's question)

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