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In the Valley of Elah soundtrack

In the Valley of Elah (2007)
Product detail
Format: CD
UPC: 03020668532
Label: Varese Sarabande
Label number: 302 066 853
Running time: not on file
Shipping date: October 9th, 2007
Original score by Mark Isham
Product availability
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Album Tracklist
1. A Journey Begins [2:18]
2. The Morgue [2:15]
3. Body Parts [4:40]
4. The Morgue [2:15]
5. Killing Field [1:34]
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Music from the movie not on this soundtrack CD
Lost - Annie Lennox
Rock Like This - Stratjic

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Soundtrack Q & A
Q: Just saw the "Valley." Who sang the last song at the end of the movie during the credits? Was it Sarah McLachlan? (from Queenie in Honolulu Hawaii)
A: Bird York sang it (real name Kathleen York). I think the name of the song is "The House is Fallen Down." (thanks to janet, Ashtabula,Ohio 44004add more info
A: I've been looking for that particular song - it was haunting me. I couldn't remember which movie, but I'm sure it's the same one. Although, I though it was a different artist. (thanks to PapaBear, Martinez, CAadd more info
A: Annie Lennox song "Lost" from Songs of Mass Destruction (thanks to perdrixes, Spainadd more info
A: It's definitely "Lost" by Annie Lennox (thanks to Hol, UKadd more info
A: "Lost" by Annie lennox. Awesome song.. love it! (thanks to sensii, green cove spring,florida USAadd more info
A: definitely "Lost" by Annie Lennox (thanks to lol, irelandadd more info

Q: Curious to know the very last hip-hop song during the end credits?  (from perdrixes in Spain)
A: "Rock Like This" performed by Stratjic. I just watched the movie, and was hoping to find that one on the soundtrack. (thanks to Ravaj, Canadaadd more info
A: Got to and you can listen to the song. (thanks to dollabill, san antonio txadd more info

Q: What's the hip hop song playing when Tommy Lee Jones went in the stripper bar? (from dj in georgia)
A: "Rock Like This" by Stratjic. Got to and you can listen to the song. (thanks to dollabill, san antonio txadd more info

Q: Is Bird York's recording of "The House is Falling Down" available? I love this song, and it's not on the soundtrack CD.
...from black41 in NC (answer black41's question)

Q: What's the song playing at the end of the film while Jones is hanging the flag? "Baby's First Breath"? (from Lui in Texas)
A: "Lost" by Annie Lennox (thanks to roi, israeladd more info

Q: Who's the song by, the one playing when Tommy Lee goes into that bar?
...from moni in london (answer moni's question)

Q: What is the name and artist of the song playing at the end of the movie? It's the first one that plays when the credits come up? It's really pretty!
...from Viv in Brentwood, NY, USA (answer Viv's question)

Q: The instrumental music used in the trailer to In The Valley of Elah, it starts about a third of the way in (I think it was also used in the movie World Trade Centre) - does anyone know who wrote it, what's it called? It's such a haunting track. Thanks
...from Daniel in England (answer Daniel's question)

Q: What's the song playing in the credits, it is a hip hop song with the chorus "...c'mon..."? (from Bobby in Denver)
A: "Rock Like This" performed by Stratjic (thanks to Freeyomind, Iladd more info

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