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The Sopranos (TV) soundtrack

The Sopranos (TV) (1999)
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Format: CD
UPC: 07464639112
Label: Columbia
Label number: CK 63911
Running time: 54m17s
Shipping date: December 14th, 1999
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Album Tracklist
1.  Woke Up This Moring (Chosen One Mix) - A3 [4:05]
2.  It's Bad You Know - R.L. Burnside [4:42]
3.  It Was A Very Good Year - Frank Sinatra [4:27]
4.  Gotta Serve Somebody - Bob Dylan [5:19]
5.  Inside Of Me - Little Steven & The Disciples Of Soul [5:01]
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Music from the movie not on this soundtrack CD
Mysterious Ways - U2 (from the episode 'Second Opinion') 

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Soundtrack Q & A
Q: In the fourth episode of the second season of Sopranos, there's a scence where Chris is doing drugs and a song is playing. I can't find the name of the song anywhere. The song is in Italian and the episode is called "Commendatori." Thanks. (from Tulio in Jacksonville, FL)
A: It's either "Con Te Partiro" by Andrea Bocelli (very popular a few years ago), or "Piove" by Jovanotti. "Piove" can be found on the other Sopranos soundtrack album. (thanks to Torri, NYadd more info
A: I think the song is "Certamente" with Madreblu. Great song!! (thanks to Erik, Swedenadd more info
A: It is Madreblu - Certamente (thanks to bugzy, Australiaadd more info

Q: I saw a preview for the final episode of Sopranos that aired on A&E. There was an awesome song in the preview with the lyrics "...Mama, we all go to hell, Mama, we're all full of lies, Mama, we're made for the flies..." Who sings this tune? (from Empee in Alberta, Canada)
A: That's "Mama" by My Chemical Romance. (thanks to Just Some Guy, Gaithersburg, MD, USAadd more info

Q: In the season 6 episode "Join the Club," what is the tune playing in Tony's hotel room right before Moby's tune comes in over the end credits?
...from Tancred in Scotland (answer Tancred's question)

Q: Is the "Woke Up This Morning" song on this CD the actual one playing at the beginning of the show? I'm looking for the actual one, not a redo. (from Realwoman in des plaines, illinois)
A: Yes, it is. Love it! (thanks to tybeebeachgirl, Savannahadd more info

Q: The original soundtrack on the television show was replaced for a short time with a song sung by Andrea Bocelli... Could you please let me know the name of this song?
...from Andree Maree in Auckland, New Zealand (answer Andree Maree's question)

Q: In episode 10 from the 4th series, at the end, is a song in Portuguese. Can anyone help me please, who sings it or what's the name of that song?
...from Peter in romania (answer Peter's question)

Q: In episode 2 of series 6 the final episodes who sings the final song at the end, and what is it called? (from Matthew in london)
A: I think the song is "Evidently Chickentown" by John Cooper Clarke, but I'm not sure. (thanks to Mario, Germanyadd more info

Q: I am looking for the name of a club song that appears several times in the series. In Season 1 Episode 3 the song plays when Meadow and Hunter are sitting on the bed to study and Carmela opens the door to talk to them. And then after Carmela goes away they make a phone call to get some crystal. And in Season 1 Episode 10 the song is playing in the background when Christopher and Adriana are waiting in the fast food restaurant for their burger meals. Can anybody help me?
...from Mario in Germany (answer Mario's question)

Q: What is the song Anthony Jr and his girlfriend are listening to in his car when it catches on fire? (from Holly Kashefipour in CA)
A: The song is "It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)" from Bob Dylan. (thanks to Mario, Germanyadd more info

Q: What is the song playing in the background in the Bad-a-Bing club on the episode "Chasing It" when Tony approaches two of AJ's friends about a frat party?
...from yraq in Orlando, FL (answer yraq's question)

Q: In the last season of The Sopranos when Tony and Bobby start fighting, what's that song playing and who is it by? I think it is a jazz person or piece.
...from jihaad in philadelphia pa usa (answer jihaad's question)

Q: What song is playing when Christopher gets high for the first time in Italy... episode 4 season 2?
...from giovanni in connecticut (answer giovanni's question)

Q: In the episode "The Blue Comet" from the final season where Tony goes to a safehouse after a botched assassination attempt on his rival, he lies on a bed cradling a rifle at the end of the show, and this lovely piece of music plays over the end credits. It starts with just bass and piano, and then strings are added. Anyone know what this is,and where I can get it?
...from PedroPete in Japan (answer PedroPete's question)

Q: Season 1, Episode 2: Tony at Bad-a-Bing... angry at the bartender for not knowing how to use the phone... What song is playing in this scene? Some lyrics are "...don't want to talk about the clothes she wears..."
...from janine in ohio (answer janine's question)

Q: What song is playing in a bar scene with the girls dancing on the stripper pole with the lyrics "...I'd like to live in the jungle, cause there's no disco there..."?
...from sarah in liveoak,fla, usa (answer sarah's question)

Q: What is the music playing in series 1 of Sopranos episode 6 at the end of the episode when Junior is officially made boss?
...from sophia in UK (answer sophia's question)

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