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The Wanderers soundtrack

The Wanderers (1979)
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Format: CD
UPC: 07599273992
Label: Warner Bros
Label number: 3359
Running time: not on file
Shipping date: October 25th, 1990
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Album Tracklist
1.  Walk Like A Man - The Four Seasons [2:16]
2.  Ya Ya - Lee Dorsey [1:54]
3.  Big Girls Don't Cry - The Four Seasons [2:36]
4.  My Boyfriend's Back - The Angels [2:39]
5.  Sherry - The Four Seasons [2:31]
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q: When they are in the car just before they meet the duckie boys they are singing a song called "Stranger Girl" or something. I can't find it anywhere. I hpoe you can help me? Kind regards. (from jacky in denbosch, the netherlands)
A: The song is called Stranger Girl, performed in the movie by "The Wanderers" Ken Wahl, John Friedrich, Tony Ganios and Jim Younger. This version of the song is not available on any soundtrack album. (thanks to WalterWop, CTadd more info
A: There is a rockabilly group called "The Slapbacks" who do an excellent version. It is available on one of their CDs. (thanks to Jed, Plymouth, Devon, UKadd more info
A: They are a rockabilly trio from Vienna. Great version of "Stranger Girl" - you can hear the song at their website. (thanks to Jester, Vienna / Austriaadd more info

Q: Looking for a song that came out when they're at the party and everyone is starting to make out. Do you know the name of that song? (from Eddie in San Antonio, tx, usa)
A: The song in question is called "Baby It's You" by The Shirelles. (thanks to Jed, plymouth, UKadd more info
A: The one he's talking about is called "I Love You" by the Volumes. (thanks to The Ace, Gardena, CAadd more info

Q: Song after card game ends? Lyrics are " darling your love is oh so good to me sweet lover..."
...from richard sterling in stamford CT (answer richard sterling's question)

Q: What's the song playing when one of the wanderers chases after the girl he likes and she goes into a place where the singer is performing? (from dan in california)
A: "Times They are a Changing" performed by Bob Dylan (thanks to JP, Chicagoadd more info

Q: For the song "Stranger Girl," is there an oldies singer who covered the song (before the Wanderers sang it driving in the car)? Because I would prefer an old version of the song instead of the rockabilly group posted above. Thank you! (from Jen in Bayonne, NJ, USA)
A: No! Jim Youngs, the actor who plays Buddy, wrote "Stranger Girl," the song that The Wanderers sing in the car as they follow Nina. (thanks to Psyltobilly, Sylt, schleswig-holstein, germanyadd more info

Q: What is the song heard in the opening credits? It had a lot of "...ooooh ooooh ooohs..." I liked the tune! (from mike in virginia)
A: "Walk Like a Man" by Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons (thanks to dan, london, ukadd more info

Q: There is a doo-wop song playing in the strip poker game after "You Really Got a Hold On Me." The verse I remember is "...I love..." (from dale in middletown,ohio u.s.a)
A: I think it's "I Love You" by the Volumes (thanks to Kasper, Denmarkadd more info
A: It's called "I Love You" by The Volumes. (thanks to len, englandadd more info

Q: What's the song playing just after Perry takes on the Boldies when he and Terror are looking at each other down the ally? (from bailey in Norwich, England)
A: "Pipeline" by the Chantays (thanks to romeo, auadd more info

Q: What's the song by the Shirelles or the Ronettes? I don't know much of the words. It goes.... "Now, Now that you aaaare gonnnne....Da Da, Da Da Da Da Da duh Da...Daaa da da da duh, da da da duh da....." This has been driving me nuts for about a week. I'm ready to pull what's left of my hair out. Please help! (from Tom in South Korea)
A: Sounds like "Jingle Bells" to me, Tom. Try it out ;) (thanks to da man, bloomington,ca-USAadd more info
A: "Baby, It's You" by the Shirelles (thanks to JG, New Jersey, USAadd more info

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