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Marcelo Zarvos
Soundtrack CDs featuring music by Marcelo Zarvos (sort list by letter or year)
Our Kind of Traitor soundtrack (2016)
Rock the Kasbah soundtrack (2015)
The Affair (TV) soundtrack (2014)
Enough Said soundtrack (2013)
The Words soundtrack (2012)
Beastly (score) soundtrack (2011)
Too Big To Fail (TV) soundtrack (2011)
Brooklyn's Finest soundtrack (2010)
Sin Nombre soundtrack (2009)
Taking Chance (TV) soundtrack (2009)
What Just Happened? soundtrack (2008)
The Good Shepherd soundtrack (2006)
Hollywoodland (score) soundtrack (2006)
The Door in the Floor soundtrack (2004)
Focus Features 10th Anniversary
Marcelo Zarvos also appears on these soundtrack CDs
Focus Features 10th Anniversary