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Chinatown soundtrack

Chinatown (1974)
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Format: CD
UPC: 03020656772
Label: Varese Sarabande
Label number: VSD 5677
Running time: not on file
Shipping date: November 7th, 1995
Original score by Jerry Goldsmith
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Album Tracklist
1. Love Theme From Chinatown (Main Title)  [1:59]
2. Noah Cross  [2:27]
3. Easy Living  [1:49]
4. Jake And Evelyn  [2:41]
5. I Can't Get Started  [3:35]
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Additional soundtrack info
For those people who have ventured erroneous opinions, blogs and observations about the motion picture film music for chinatown, they should read THE CHINATOWN SYNDROME chapter from my recently published memoir CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE WORST KIND and learn the facts from the people who were there, instead of believing all the PR distorted hype. If Robert Evans disliked my music for CHINATOWN, then why then did he give me a $1,000 dollar bonus on top of my fee for "doing such a good job;" and why did the executives in charge of the radio TV spots; trailers; and all the other promotions use my music and not one note of Goldsmith's to promote the very film that Evans threw it out of? The truth of what actually happened is in my book from a person who was there. Wake up; Chinatown made no money; and Evans as a result of this financial failure lost a job he should never have had in the first place. Polanski with whom I was with every day for over two months hated the original story and told me on many occasions that he felt "it was the biggest pile of crap I ever saw." Phillip Lambro

Jerry Goldsmith composed this Oscar-nominated score in ten days. Producer Robert Evans was so dissatisfied with the film's original composer Phillip Lambro's score that he scrapped it and hired Goldsmith to write a new one on the eve of the film's scheduled release. This score would later provide the inspiration for Goldsmith's superb 1997 score to L.A. Confidential.

Soundtrack Q & A
Q: Did Wayne Bergeron play trumpet on this soundtrack and if he did, which tracks? (from Flange in Wilmington, NC)
A: Although Wayne is a *very* fine trumpeter, he did not play on this soundtrack. The haunting trumpet solo on this soundtrack is played by respected veteran studio musician Uan Rasey. Here is website one and website two with more information on Mr. Rasey. (thanks to Ode2Pops, San Antonio, TXadd more info

Q: Is this soundtrack going to be re-released sometime in the near future?  (from Mr. Jean W. Griffith in Lincoln, Nebraska-USA)
A: I haven't a clue but if it is, hopefully it will awaken a new appreciation for the genius of Jerry Goldsmith and the artists who helped him bring the work to fruition. Music like this is a lingering artifact of when the film industry was still king and those who worked there took their craft seriously. What is being done now is for the most part a joke dependent almost entirely on visual assaults, loud noises and lacking good acting, good scripts and meaningful direction. (thanks to Art Bianconi, New Jerseyadd more info

Q: What is the instrument performed at the very beginning of the love theme to Chinatown, before Uan Rasey's trumpet is heard? It sounds like a zither, or a harp, but I can't exactly place it. Many thanks in advance for your help! (from Stuart in Orange County, Calif.)
A: I have some sources in LA where I can confirm this, but I suspect what you're hearing is a grand piano with the strings being strummed. It sounds like a chromatic run, so I suspect the pianist depressed the damper pedal to raise the dampers off the strings; the pianist then reached into the piano and strummed the strings with a guitar pick (or something similar). There are other instances in the soundtrack where one can hear percussive, dampened piano notes being played as well. In this case, either the damper pedal was disabled, or the strings themselves were dampened with felt, or some other vibration-dampening material. (thanks to Ode2Pops, San Antonio, TXadd more info

Q: Wasn't this title on ABC/Dunhill for the vinyl release?
...from Suspiria992000 in Alabama (answer Suspiria992000's question)

Q: Who's the solo trumpet player on the opening title? (from Harry in Kent UK)
A: The trumpet soloist is credited to Uan Rasey, as has been mentioned twice already here on this page. (thanks to ReadingIsNoFunadd more info

Q: Who plays the instrumentals of "Easy Living" and "The Way You Look" on the soundtrack? Very nice arrangements.
...from Scott McDonald in Phoenix (answer Scott McDonald's question)

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